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How much do you really know about The Office?

  • On Jim's first day of work, Michael shows a homemade video called "Scranton Witch Project".
  • Michael has a British flag on his desk, probably a shout out to the original series on BBC.
  • Results of "desert island":
    • Angela would take the following books:
      • The Bible
      • A Purpose Driven Life
    • Phyllis would take the following book:
      • The DaVinci Code
    • Meredith would take following movies:
      • Legends of the Fall
      • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
      • Legally Blond
      • Bridges of Madison County
      • Ghost
    • Meredith would take following movies:
      • Fargo
      • Edward Scissorhands
      • Dazed & Confused
      • The Breakfast Club
      • The Princess Bride
  • Michael's middle name is Gary. Steve Carrell was the voice of Gary in SNL's "The Ambiguously Gay Duo".
  • Dwight's middle name is Kurt, but he likes to say it's Danger.
  • Angela is the one that gave Dwight his bobblehead. It was for Valentine's Day.
  • Michael's favorite saying is "That's what she said". In the British version the saying is "As the actress said to bishop".
  • Kevin's band is called "Scrantonicity".

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