The Office Pranks

How can you not love Jim and all the wonderful pranks he pulls on unsuspecting Dwight. Some of them are so funny, I swear I'm still laughing days later. If I've left one off, or you have a good prank of your own let me know.

Pranks Jim Has Pulled On Dwight

  • Michael tells Jim to hire a male stripper from Banana Slings for Phyllis' office bridal shower. Jim flatly refuses and calls the Scholasic Speakers of Pennsylvania instead. Ben Franklin comes to the party.
  • The guy who comes to the party portraying Ben Franklin doesn't go out of character. So Jim tells Dwight that he is the "real" Ben Franklin. Dwight continually quizzes the guy but fails to get him to mess up. Dwight is 99% sure that it is not the real Ben Franklin but can't prove it yet.
  • While going on a sales call together, Dwight gets in the backseat of Jim's car. Jim questions this and Dwight explains it is the safest place in the car. So Jim slams on the breaks on Dwight bangs his head into the back of the driver's seat.
  • During Casino Night, while Jim and Dwight are playing poker, Jim coughs whenever he has a good hand. This makes Dwight believe that he has a sure fire tell on Jim. Of course Jim is just messing with him and eventually takes all of his money because of it.
  • Jim's find's Dwight's wallet in the parketing lot and brings it to Pam to decide what they should do with it (possibly buy a horse). Pam persuades Jim that they should do nothing with it and just give it back. However, Dwight doesn't believe that they haven't tampered with it so he cancels all of his credit cards.
  • Jim gets a hold of Andy's cell phone and while Pam is playing "look out", Jim climbs up and opens one of the ceiling tiles. Then he throws the phone in the ceiling above Andy's desk. Now, Jim and Pam just keep calling the number watching Andy get more and more upset. When Andy puts his fist through the wall, Jim is worried and hangs the phone up.
  • While Michael is on vacation, Jim is running the staff meeting. Dwight brings out a recorder claiming that Michael wants a transcript of the meetings. Jim begins the meeting normally and then says: Dwight, what are you doing? You can't take your pants off in the office! It's making me uncomfortable. This is sexual harrassment. (Dwight looks as the recorder horrified) Oh my God! He's got a knife! Let the record show that Dwight K Shrute is now completely nude holding a plastic knife to Stanley's neck. There goes the recorder.
  • Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Jim are at Benihana's sitting at the sushi bar. But there are only 3 seats together so Dwight ends up at the other end of the table where he can't hear. Finally, he yells to Jim to find out what their talking about. Jim tells him that the waitress is trying to explain how to correctly butcher a goose but she's having a hard time coming up with. Dwight starts yelling at the waitress to get her attention and come to him. When she does, to her horror, Dwight begins explaining the correct way to butcher a goose.
  • For the past few months, Pam has been sening Dwight letters from the CIA. And the CIA is considering Dwight for a top secret mission. She has made a classified file which has the application she made him fill out along with the list of every secret he promised he never ever tell.

    Secret: Last year my boss Michael Scott took a day off. He said it was because he was sick but really it was to go to Magic Camp.

    Jim, as the CIA, contacts Dwight and tells him that he is needed in Langley immediately for training and an ice cream social with the other agents. A helicopter will pick you up. Dwight is waiting at the helopad when he gets a text message: You have been comprised. Abort mission. Distroy phone. And with that Dwight throws his phone in the river.

  • Prank pulled on Andy: - Andy asks Jim's advice about hitting on Pam. Jim gives him some really bad advice such as "Pam's likes": playing banjo with a high pitch voice, fisbee competitions, hunting, six flag commericals with the old man, and speaking pig latin. Andy does each of these and it fails miserably.
  • Jim stares at Dwight's forehead making him think at first he's got a smudge. When Jim refuses "to meet Dwight's eyeline", Dwight gets completely flustered and bumps into his desk.
  • Jim stole some stationary from Dwight before he left Scranton and now he faxes Dwight "messages from future" with warnings about what's going to happen. He Faxes Dwight:

    At 8 AM today someone poisons the coffee. Do NOT drink the Coffee. More instructions to follow.
    Future Dwight

    Dwight receives this and then tackles Stanley who is about to sip his coffee
  • Prank pulled on Andy: - At the Stanford branch, Jim's desk chair squeeks. So when Karen got up, he replaced her chair with his. She notices right away and warns him that as soon as he gets up she is taking her chair back. In his chair, he goes to the copier, ect...not wanting to give it up. Afterwhile, Andy gets up and comes back to his desk. Now he has the squeeky chair.
  • Jim and Pam would hum in a high pitch and get Dwight to make an appointment with a doctor. Pam called it "Pretendenitis".
  • At the Annual Northeastern Mid Market Office Supply Convention, Jim gets a hold of a copy of Dwight's hotel room key. He can't wait to play his next prank on Dwight. But the prank backfires. When Jim enters the room, he sees Angela's bare legs on the bed. Because he doesn't see her face, he is sure that Dwight got a hooker.
  • Jim "allegedly" put Dwight's stapler in Jell-o. When questioned about it, Jim was eating Jell-o. Later, Jim encases Michael's "World's Best Boss" coffee mug in a Jell-o mold.
  • When Jim transfers to the Stanford branch, he puts Andy's stapler in jell-o. When Andy sees this, he freaks out and completely over-reacts. Jim looks horrified when the camera pans to him.
  • When Dwight asks Jim to be in an alliance together against the downsizing, Jim takes the opportunity to seal Dwight in a box in the warehouse so he can over hear the "secret meeting" about the downsizing. He also convinces him to dye his hair blonde and spy on the Stanford branch.
  • Jim and Pam submitted Dwight's resume to, Craig's List, and They were hoping Dwight would find something out of state.
  • Jim had convinced Dwight that it was Friday when really it was Thursday. This was one of my absolute favorites!
  • He replaced all of Dwight's pens and pencils with crayons.
  • Jim makes Dwight think that it is a cool trend for men to carry purses. And since he is smitten with the lady selling them, he should go buy one. Dwight comes out with a black reptile skinned purse.
  • Jim put all of Dwight's desk supplies inside the vending machine. Things like his name plate, stapler, pen cup and of course his wallet. Dwight goes to get a snack and notices this. Pam walks in and decides what she really wants is a pen cup. So she buys it. Without his wallet, Dwight can't buy back his supplies. Helpful Jim gives him a bag full of nickles. See video below.
  • He paid all the other employees $5 to call Dwight "Dwayne" all day.
  • Jim placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk drawer and tried to convince him that he committed a murder. Dwight was not convinced because he believed Jim was the real murderer.
  • Jim has Dwight's badge read "Security Threat". He also has Dwight's middle name as "Fart" instead of "Kurt". When Dwight has his badge redone, Jim suggests they get their picture taken together. That way, they could meet in the parking lot every morning and come through the door together.
  • He told Dwight that there was an abandoned child in the women's bathroom. When Dwight went in to save the child he saw Meredith on the toilet.
  • He slowly placed a bunch of nickles in Dwight's phone headset over a period of time so that Dwight would get used to increased weight. After a few days he took them all out so when Dwight lifted the receiver using more force then required, expecting it to be heavier, he hit himself in the head with it.
  • When Dwight wins saleman of the year, and has to give a speech, Jim offers to help explaining he majored in Public Speaking. He tells Dwight that history's best speakers were not joketellers but passionate. He should wave his arms in the air and pound his fists many times. As examples, Jim has downloaded a bunch of speeches by famous dictators, including Mussollini...just to help Dwight get started.
  • Jim placed a computer macro on Dwight's computer to type "diapers" instead whenever Dwight tried to type his name.
  • In classic form, Jim moved Dwight's desk an inch every time he went to the bathroom, so that at the end of the day it was two feet closer to the door. This had me in stiches!
  • He also moved Dwight's entire desk into the Men's room. When Dwight finally found his desk, Jim called him with questions about the specials the company is running. So Dwight sat down and started to work. See video below.
  • Michael and Dwight are desparate to know who is gay and who isn't in the office once it is learned that Oscar is gay. Jim once told Dwight that there was a devise called a "gaydar" that would let someone know who was gay or straight. When Dwight calls Jim to find out how to get the product, Jim tells him that the store is sold out. A few days later, a package arrives for Dwight in the mail. Jim has sent him his very own "gaydar". It's completely inacurate and when Michael waves it over his "manly" area it beeps as if to say, you're gay.
  • Jim tells Dwight that ever since he was a kid he could move things with his mind. Obviously Dwight doesn't believe this and Jim must prove it. So Jim turns his chair and stares really hard at the coat rack then starts wiggling his fingers at it. All of a sudden, the coat rack begins to move. Pam winks at Jim and Jim continues his prank. Dwight is shocked and now begins to try to move things on his desk with his mind. We learn that Pam moved the coat rack with an umbrella that was near her desk.

Pranks Jim Has Not Yet Pulled

Feel free to try these classic pranks at your office.

  • Tape off the enterance to an office cubicle and then fill it entirly with packing peanuts.
  • Use super-glue to permanently attach your co-worker's stapler/tape dispenser to their desk.
  • Put "Out Of Order" signs on the bathroom stalls or on the elevator door.
  • Turn the volume up on your victim's computer speakers...really loud.
  • Everyday, in the morning or after work, take out all but a few staples from their stapler. They will be so mad that they have to continually refill it.
  • Tape down the phone receiver button so when the phone rigns and they pick it up, it will just keep on ringing.
  • It’s always funny to hide useful office equipment from co-workers such as their chair, stapler, or if you are really gutsy, something they actually need to work like the phone or their keyboard.
  • Rather than replacing Dwight’s pens with crayons, next time, Jim can simply take the ink out of his pens.
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