Kids. Sometimes it pays to be gay.

Oscar Martinez

Oscar is known for being a rational, quietly efficient, and intellectual worker in the office, often the one who will ask pointed financial questions that his colleagues will not know the answer to, or that Michael avoids answering. Oscar refers to himself as being in the "Coalition for Reason" with Jim and Pam Halpert.

Oscar is considered to be a know-it-all by many of his co-workers. Oscar is frequently frustrated by the antics of his coworkers and tends to find their humor offensive.

Oscar Martinez Quotes

  • Saddle shoes with denim? I will literally call protective services.
  • Our office has an unusually large number of unusually large people.
  • I didn't realize how many of Angela's opinions I agreed with...until she tried to have my knee caps shattered for sleeping with her husband.
  • If you would have seen the look he gave me, he wanted to rock more than just my vote.
  • Angela's engaged to a gay man. As a gay man, I'm horrified. As a friend of Angela's, I'm horrified. As a lover of elegant weddings, I'm a little excited.
  • I apologize for my friend, and for the Republicans who are cutting your funding.

Oscar Martinez Trivia

  • Oscar's parents are from Mexico and moved to the United States one year before he was born.
  • Oscar has worked at Dunder Mifflin since 1999.
  • Oscar lives with his life partner, Gil.
  • Oscar notified Michael that he was gay during his job interview but Michael laughed repeatedly, and hire Oscar on the spot because he was "the funniest person that [Michael] had ever met"
  • Oscar drives two different cars throughout the seasons - a Saturn Ion and a Lexus RX 400h (a company car he was lent as a result of his unwanted outing by Michael).
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