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How much do you really know about The Office?

Character Trivia

  • Pam types 90 words per minute.
  • Jim types 55 words per minute.
  • At the Stamford Branch, here is a list of the Call Of Duty screen names:
    • Karen Filippelli - KarentheJimSlayer
    • Andy - HereComesTreble
  • In the Greif Counseling episode, Pam sings "On the Wings of Love" by Jeffrey Osborne during the funeral for the bird.
  • Carol, Michael's realtor, is also his real life wife.
  • Pam and Michael have a pact that if neither one of them has a baby in 30 years they will have one together.
  • When Jim is promoted and transferred to the Stanford branch his new collegue gives him the nickname of "Big Tuna" because the day before, he was eating a tuna fish sandwich.
  • Dwight's laser tag team is called the Gandalfs, a reference to Lord of the Rings.
  • Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt is Mixed Berries.
  • Michael's heros are: Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln, Bono and probably God.
  • Michael's cell phone ringtone is "Mambo Number Five" by Lou Bega.
  • Jim's mother is Larissa Halpert and she lives at 117 Vonbergen Street.
  • Phyllis' boyfriend owns Vance Refrigeration, his name is Bob Vance.
  • Oscar's license plate is CHZ 2697.
  • Jim's license plate is CHT 8635.
  • The radio station Dwight listens to is Rock 107.
  • A newspaper clipping with a large picture of Jan is posted in Michael's cabinet.
  • Kevin's favorite lunch is instant noodles, while Jim always eat a ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Although Dwight states he does not smile if he can help it, he is one of only a few smiling during the group photo at the end of Conflict Resolution.
  • Michael and Phyllis graduated from the same high school class
  • Dwight's all time favorite movie: The Crow
  • Dwight's license plate is 4018-JXT

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