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Webisode 9 - Michael's Office

Angela, Kevin and Oscar are in Michael's office looking for evidence that he took the money.

Kevin: (speaking thru a bull horn) Attention. There is a lot of junk in here. Over.

Angela: Don't touch anything, you'll leave finger prints.

Oscar: You think he's gonna dust for fingerprints?

Kevin: Ooh...(Kevin eyes another toy and when he blows in it, it makes a noise.)

Angela: Stop that. (Angela grabs the toy and puts it back.)

Kevin: Awesome.

Oscar: What are we even looking for?

Angela: Receipts maybe? Any evidence he took the money. Or something worth $3,000.

Kevin: Do you think this thing is worth $3,000? (Kevin holds up another toy and plays with it.) Cool.

Oscar: Hey, look at this. (Oscar points to a certificate on the wall and reads it.) "Michael Scott is the proud owner of a quality Seyko timepiece." ("Michael Scott" is hand written.) Do you think he paid $3,000 for a knock off of a $40 watch?

Angela: I'm gonna go on his computer.

Kevin: Okay, This drawer is locked. Oscar do you have a key?

Oscar: No Kevin, I don't. If I were Michael where would I hide a key to that drawer? In this drawer. (Oscar opens another drawer while Kevin looks in a floor lamp.)

They get the key and open the drawer.

Oscar: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9. Count them, 9 snow globes with Dunder-Mifflin logos on them and nothing else.

Kevin plays with one of the snow globes.

Kevin: He has a snow globe drawer.

Oscar: And he keeps it locked.

Kevin: I'd lock it too. That is very embarrassing.

Angela: Put that back, Kevin. It's not yours.

Kevin: I like it!

Oscar: (speaking to Angela who is still on Michael's computer) Okay, just go to Quicken because I set up online checking for him.

Angela: Okay, here we go. Last transaction was $23 to Jack's Joke And Magic Shop.

Oscar: Go to the beginning of the month.

Angela: The last 8 transactions are to Jack's Joke And Magic Shop.

Kevin: (to Angela) What are you doing?

Angela: Paying his electric bill.

Kevin: I DO NOT think you should do that.

Angela: Well, it's about to be shut off.

Oscar: Okay, this is pointless. Someone just has to talk to him.

There's a long pause and the men run out of the room.

Oscar: Not it!

Kevin: Not it!

Angela: Hey. Wait.

On his way out, Kevin blows the toy horn again. Angela is left in Michael's office alone.

Angela: (softly) Not it.

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