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Webisode 8 - You're Mean

Kevin, Oscar, and Angela are watching Michael in his office, secretly from the Accounting area.

Kevin: He is still in there.

Angela: Yeah, we know.

Oscar: (to the camera) Basically we are convinced that Michael took the missing $3,000. So we are waiting until he leaves his office so we can go in and search for evidence. When I say it out loud, it really doesn't sounnd like a good idea.

Oscar: He said he was leaving right at 5:00.

Kevin: What time is it now?

Angela: You don't have a watch?

Kevin: It's slow.

Angela: You can't look at the clock up there?

Kevin: You can't just tell me what time it is?

Angela: I think people should be self-sufficient.

Kevin: I think you're mean.

Oscar: (in a loud whisper) OK! Guys lets just wait for him to leave.

Kevin continues to stare at Michael's office, Angela shuffles papers around her desk, while Oscar tries to keep busy.

Kevin: (To Oscar) What are you doing tonight, wanna get a beer?

Oscar: I can't I have errands to run.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Oscar: I'm going to the mall. I need a new wok, stuff like that.

Kevin: What happend to your old wok?

Oscar: Nothing. Nothing, I just want a new wok, there's a new one and.....(Angela interrupts)

Angela: I'm not mean! I'm just demanding.

Kevin turns away, not accepting what Angela is saying.

Angela: I'm sorry if I was mean.

Kevin: It's okay.

Angela: Thank you.

Oscar: (to the camera) That...was uncomfortable.

Oscar: (in a very low whisper) Angela, Angela (pointing to Michael's office)

Kevin: Shhh Shhh

Michael leaves for the day.

Angela: Ok, let's go.

Kevin: This is so much fun.

Angela: It's not suppose to be fun.

Kevin gives a look to Angela, regarding her tone.

Angela: Again, sorry.

Kevin slowly moves against the walls, stealth like, then once in the open area, begins doing this weird bunny hop. (it's quite funny) He then starts jumping in place with his legs out, facing each direction as to watch for danger.

Kevin: Get it?

Oscar: What is it?

Kevin: Animal House

Now do you have the picture in your head?

Not amused, Oscar and Angela proceed past Kevin towards Michael's office.

Kevin: You guys are breaking my spirit.

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