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Webisode 6 - The Memo

The 3 Accountants are sitting in the conference room.

Oscar: So, it isn't Phyllis. It isn't Stanley or Jim. It isn't Meredith. It isn't any of us.

Angela: We don't know that.

Kevin: Oh...Come...On

Kevin: (to the camera) I didn't steal $3,000 from petty cash. I am not stupid. If I wanted to steal from this company, there are a lot of easier ways to do it. For example, I could steal people's coats and sell them on e-bay.

Angela: It obviously isn't Dwight because he has the most integrity of anyone in the office.

Oscar looks at Kevin and Kevin shoots a look at the camera.

Angela: Wha, did you talk to Kelly?

Oscar: Yes, she said she didn't do it, then 45 minutes later the conversation ends.

Kevin: I talked to Creed and he said he didn't do it and then he tried to sell me dietary supplements.

Oscar: Okay, enough of this investigation stuff. We just have to put out a memo to the office and ask that someone come forward annonymously.

Angela: Fine. I'll write it.

Angela gets up to leave.

Kevin: No, I want to write it.

Angela: No.

Oscar gets up to leave.

Kevin: Angela, you never let me write accounting memos.

Angela: Fine! I'll supervise.

Kevin: God.

The Accountants head back to their desks.

Kevin is at his desk writing the memo while Angela is literally standing over his shoulder watching his every keystroke.

Angela: (to Kevin) The date should be right justified.

Kevin tries to correct the problem.

Angela: Right justified not left justified. Do you know what justified means?

Kevin: Yeah. As in justifiable homicide.

Kevin keeps typing and Angela keeps watching over his shoulder.

Angela: (To Kevin) To Whom It May Concern? Really Kevin? Really?

Kevin gets a very nasty look on his face.

Kevin: Fine, then you write it.

Angela: Thank you. It's just easier this way.

Angela heads to her desk to write the memo. Kevin is looking mighty pissed as he continues to type.

Kevin: (to the camera) I finsihed my own memo.

Memo Reads:


To Whom It May Concern


Kevin Malone

He laughs then he gets a very serious look on his face.

Kevin: I mean, I'm not handing it out or anything. And don't tell her I said it. It's just for me. In fact, forget that I said anything about it ever. (Pause) Oh God. What have I done?

Kevin whimpers and looks scared.

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