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Webisode 4 - Stanley

Stanley is in the conference room meeting with Angela, Kevin, and Oscar.

Stanley: Somebody stole some money? That's fantastic! How much did they get?

Kevin: $3,000

Kevin: (to the camera) We are in the process of interviewing everyone in the office. Today is kinda fun. It's a great chance to catch up with people.

Oscar: I'm sure it's not you, but we have to ask.

Stanley: I hope they bought something nice. And I hope you never catch them.

Angela: We'd appreciate your cooperation if you find out who did it.

Stanley: I'll tell you what, if I find out who did it, I will shake their hand, pat them on the back, give them 72 hours to get out of the country, and then I'll let you know who it is. Is there anything else?

Oscar: No. Thanks for your help.

Stanley: Thank you.

Stanley leaves the conference room.

Kevin: I don’t' think it was him.

Angela: Really genius.

Kevin: (to the camera) Angela thinks it's an insult when she calls me a genius all sarcastic and whatnot. But technically, guess what? I am a genius. When I was a kid I took an I.Q. Test and I scored over a 100 so the joke is on you, Angela.

Angela: Uh, (sigh), who should we ask next?

Kevin: I don't know.

Kevin and Oscar are each looking at the papers and tapping their pens. Angela is looking very annoyed at both of them.

Oscar: This is the worst time to do this.

Kevin: Why what is going on?

Oscar: Well, my mom is in town but a bunch of my friends are in town too. And we were going to watch Prince of Tides.

Kevin: Why?

Oscar: Well we don't like it, we make fun of it. It's like the Rocky Horror Picture thing we do. But, my mom's in town so I can't go.

Angela: Can we focus please?

Long pause.

Kevin: I've never seen it.

Oscar: It's really bad.

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