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Webisode 2 - Phyllis

Phyllis is sitting in the accounting area where Kevin, Oscar, and Angela are at their desks.

Phyllis: You guys wanted to see me?

Oscar: Yeah. Hi Phyllis. Um, we’re going over everyone’s expenses for the year. It’s just standard procedure.

Cut to Angela’s interview:
Angela: We are missing $3,000 dollars. And we are trying to figure out where it went. Michael is the obvious suspect. But he is the boss so we have to at least pretend to ask other people first.

Oscar: So, I know the answer is probably no but did you take any money or buy anything with company money or anything like that?

Phyllis: Um…

Phyllis puts her head down in shame and the accountants look at each other in amazement.

Kevin: Oh My God

Angela: I knew it

Oscar: You did

Phyllis: Well about 3 months ago I was on a sales call and I broke the heal on my shoe and I only had the corporate card. I’m sorry.

Oscar: Well how much was that

Phyllis: $14.00

Oscar: Um, we’re talking about more like $3,000

Phyllis: 3,000 oh, that wasn’t me.

Oscar: We didn’t think it was.

Phyllis: It, it will never happen again. My boyfriend, Bob Vance, from Vance Refrigeration gave me a Vance Refrigeration credit card…only for emergencies.

Kevin: An emergency like…you have an ice cream cake and your in the sun and it’s melting.

Angela: You don’t use it to buy refrigerators Kevin.

Kevin: Yell at me

Angela: Ok

Oscar: Thank you Phyllis

Phyllis: Ok

Phyllis rolls her chair back to her desk.

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