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Webisode 10 - The Best Day Of My Life

Dwight and Angela are speaking private in the breakroom.

Dwight: Are you saying Michael stole money from his own company?

Angela: Well we've asked everyone else.

Dwight: No! No! That's insane! It has to be someone else.

Dwight stares out the window looking for a suspect to accuse.

Dwight: Like Meredith. or Creed. No Meredith, definately.

Angela: We asked her, she said she didn't do it.

Dwight: Which is exactly what you would say if you did do it.

Dwight: Oh Man! I should have been handling this investigation from the very beginning.

Angela: I believe she didn't do it. Are you doubting me?

Dwight: No.

Scene moves to Kevin and Oscar at a desk going over everything.

Kevin: And here.

Oscar: Oh My God!

Kevin grins from ear to ear at the camera while Oscar is still looking the books.

Back to Angela and Dwight in the breakroom.

Dwight: There has to be a better explaination.

Angela: How could he afford that new waterbed he is always bragging about?

Dwight: He charged it. Discover. Made a little cash back on the deal. Smart. If you were a general in the Army and you accused him without proof you would be court marshalled in front of a firing squad.

Angela: That's not true.

Dwight: Ok, watch "A Few Good Men" and tell me if that's not true.

Dwight: I own the dvd if you want to come by later.

Angela leaves the breakroom, Dwight stays in there to spy.

Dwight: You can't handle the truth. Just kidding. softly You can't.

Angela goes back to her desk at Accounting with Oscar and Kevin.

Angela: Well Dwight says that Michael didn't take it, but frankly I think he's hiding something.

Oscar and Kevin are just staring at her.

Angela: What?

Oscar: We, uh, found it.

Angela: You did? Where?

Oscar: Your books.

Angela: Excuse me.

Oscar: You accidently logged this equipment into depreciation twice.

Angela: Well that doesn't sound like me.

Oscar: Did you let someone else have access to your books?

Angela: Adsolutely Not.

Oscar: quietly Then...

Angela: Wow

Kevin: Yeah. Oh

Kevin is still smiling because it was Angela's mistake.

Angela: Very well, case closed.

Angela quickly shuts her books and goes back to her desk.

Oscar: Very well, Very Well

Kevin: Very Well. (as he bumps knuckles with Oscar)

Kevin can no longer control his excitement.

Kevin: This is the best day of my life.

And everyone goes back to work.

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