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Here is all the news you can use about the show and it's cast of characters.

New Must See TV Thursday

October 2006: NBC has changed the 2 hour comedy block on Thursday night. After My Name Is Earl and The Office, NBC is adding 30 Rock followed by the return of Scrubs. This new line up will begin airing November 30.

The Office Episodes Are Coming To A Phone Near You

September 2006: NBC is partnering with I-play, a mobile gaming company, to bring on-demand video clips of The Office to US mobile devises.

Jeremy Laws, Senior Vice President of NBC Universal Mobile Entertainment, was quoted as saying; "Offering select video clip[s from popular television series like The Office is one way that NBC Universal is looking to extend our ausiences' experience with the brand. We look forward to working with I-play, who has been a key strategic partner for us as we address consumers' growing appetite for more mobile video content.

Outstanding Comedy Series - Winner - The Office

August 2006: Bob Newhart opened the envelop and accounced that The Office was the winner as outstanding comedy series. The entire cast, producers, etc...came up on stage to celebrate. Accepting the award was Greg Daniels. Here is his speech:

Oh my God. Conan O'Brian and I were roommates and comdey writers and we always said, um, that one day he would host the emmys and I would win an emmy and that we would lose our virginity. And, tonight, I just, you know, I hope it will come true. I want to thank so many people. Oh my God, they are all up here. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. They're over there. For creating such a fabulous show that is was, everyone thought it was going to be so hard to adapt, but I think it was really idiot proof. And I want to thank Steve Carell. He's so talented. I'm, um, proud to call you my meal ticket. And all the amazing actors and writers...everything is just gone right out of my head. Thank you all so much. Kevin Reilly for keeping us on the air. And the academy for this wonderful honor. Thank you very much.

The Office Season Premier

August 2006: Season 3 of The Office will begin airing on NBC, Thursday September 21. Mark you calendars! It's going to be a great season. As the episodes air, I'll post the recaps, great quptes and trivia, and keep Jim's Prank list growing. Hope you'll join me.

The Injury

August 2006: Fans choose this as their favorite episode. It was aired August 17. Read the episode recap The Injury.

Emmy Noms For The Office

July 2006: Our beloved show received 5 emmy nominations. Although this is very exciting, I believe that John Krasinski and/or Rainn Wilson should have received supporting actor in a comedy series.

  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series - Steve Carell
  • Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series - Episode - Christmas Party
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series - Episode - Booze Cruise
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series - Episode - Christmas Party

MTV Movie Awards

June 2006: Congrats to Steve Carell! He won the 2006 Best Comedic Performance for "The 40 Year Old Virgin", presented by the MTV Movie Awards.

Steve's acceptance speech: Wow, this is...ah...very exciting. I have a few people to thank, so I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget anyone. First of all, I'd like to thank Eli Whitney for inventing the cotton gin. Without him, this outfit would have taken years to make. Thank you to Jonas Salk, had it not been for your vaccine I would have never been able to do this movie due to polio, since polio runs in my family. Thank you George Forman. This is really going to be hard, (he gets choked up), because your grill always manages to seal in the juices. Thank you to Gandhi and the Dali Lama. If I had any fimilarity with your teachings I would not be the person I am today. My stylist Deborah, Abraham Lincoln, Katie Curic for giving me 15 years of sun-shiney mornings. (he gets choked up again) And finally a woman who I really would not be where I am today without... (he yells at the top of his lungs)...KELLY CLARKSON!

Rainn Goes To The Movies

Rainn Wilson will be starring in an upcoming summer movie called "Super Ex-Girlfriend". It's a comedy by Ivan Reitman and also stars Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman. And just in case you'd like to see more movies with Rainn, he has also been in "Sahara", "Almost Famous", "America's Sweethearts", and "Galaxy Quest".

Pay Raise For Management

June 2006: Reports are that Steve Carell will double his salary when the new season of The Office returns in the fall. He should be banking about $175,000 per episode. Due to his popularity in the movie world, he also trying to work out a more flexible schedule.

Injured On Location

May 2006: While shooting a scene with sheep, actor Steve Carrell, awkwardly fell out of an SUV spraining his ankle. The scene was being filmed in Richmond, VA on May 13th. Reportedly, Steve was to jump down from a Hummer’s driver side seat, fall and get up to begin rounding up the sheep to get them to the ark Evan Alimighty has built. A statement from Universal Studios spokesperson said the actor is doing well and the film will resume production shortly.

Summer Episodes

March 2006: NBC is moving the hit series to the web during the 2006 summer. Once the regular season wraps up in May, 10 mini episodes will air on Each episode will be 2 minutes and follow Dunder-Mifflin accountants Angela, Oscar, and Kevin as they try to track down $3,000 in missing money. They will interview their fellow Dunder-Mifflin employees and will eventually begin to suspect each other as the pressure to find the money gets to them. The hilarity will begin July 13th.

Steve Carell's New Movie

March 2006: Steve Carrell is slated to star in Evan Almighty, the sequel to Bruce Almighty. This sure fire hit follows a string of box-office pleasures from Carrell to include The 40 Year Old Virgin and Over the Hedge.

BBC Comes to America

February 2006: In the upcoming 2007 season, Ricky Gervais, creator of the original BBC version “The Office” will be writing one of the 22 episodes. He also starred in the original series as the smarmy middle manager in the Wernham-Hogg paper company. Check the series out on BBC TV, it’s hilarious.

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