The Office Cast

Phyllis Smith

as Phyllis Lapin / Phyllis Vance

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Born: Lemay, Missouri
  • Current Residence: Los Angeles
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Education: B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri

Other Interesting Facts: She was a casting associate for 2 TV Series; Spin City and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. She was a casting assistant for the TV movie A Taste for Killing. She was a former St. Louis Cardinals cheerleader. She has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for 18 years. When she won the role of Phyllis, she was working with the casting company. The producers thought she did so well, the cast her in the show permenantly. Along with the University of Missouri, Phyllis also attended, via scholorships in dance, Tulsa University and Kansas University. She was a professional ballet dancer in the St. Louis Civic Ballet and St. Louis Dance Theatre. Other odd jobs she has filled: receptionist for an aerospace defense company, a warehouse worker at JC Penny's, a movie ticket taker, and a pre-school teacher.


  • I Want To Eat Cheese With Someone
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin; 2005 - Andy's Mother
  • Arrested Development TV Show; "The Immaculate Election" episode - Carla
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