The Office Cast

Kate Flannery

as Meredith Palmer

  • Birthday: June 10, 1964
  • Born: Philadelphia
  • Current Residence: Los Angeles
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Graduated from the University of Arts in Philadelphia

Other Interesting Facts:She has a comedy lounge act, "The Lampshades", that has been running for more than 4 years at the Improv Olympic West. The act was seen at the US Comedy Arts Festival. She teaches Shakespeare to young children at the Los Angeles Drama Club. She has also made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Snaturday Night Live.


  • Danny Roane: First Time Director; 2006 - Marla
  • The Heir Apparent; 2005 - Marla
  • The Bernie Mac Show TV Show; "Stiff Upper Lip" episode- Christopher's Mom
  • Crossballs: The Debate Show TV Show; debated in the episode "Plastic Surgery: Nip-polcalypse?"
  • Boomtown TV Show; "Inadmissible" - Tracey
  • Carolina; 2003 - Cafe Waitress
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm TV Show; "Mary, Joseph and Larry" episode - Cop #2
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm TV Show; "The Corpse Sniffing Dog" episode - Cop #2
  • Life Without Dick; 2002 - Crampy Legs Party-goer
  • Trick; 1999 - Ridiculous Writer
  • Can't Stop Dancing; 1999 - Tonia
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