The Office Cast

Brian Baumgartner

as Kevin Malone

  • Birthday: November 29
  • Born: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Current Residence: Los Angeles
  • Marital Status: Married with a daughter
  • Education: Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Medthodist University

Other Interesting Facts: Brian was the former Artistic Director of the Hidden Theatre in Minneapolis. While working there, he received countless awards of acting and artistic excellence. He also performed in the Berkeley Repertory Theartre, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Guthrie Theatre and Children's Theatre Company. His current film project, "License to Wed", also stars his co-worker John Krasinski.


  • License to Wed; 2007
  • Moosecock; 2006 - Paul Wood
  • Everwood TV Show; "Oh The Places You'll Go" episode
  • Jake In Progress TV Show; "Jake or the Fat Man" - Michael
  • Arrested Development TV Show; "Burning Love" episode - Gun Vendor
  • LAX TV Show; "Credible Threat" - Wes
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; "Fur and Loathing" - Dog Man
  • The Lyon's Den TV Show; "The Fifth" - Al Grissom
  • Herman USA; 2001 - Roger
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