The Office Cast

Angela Kinsey

as Angela Martin

  • Birthday: June 25, 1971
  • Born: Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Current Residence: Los Angeles
  • Marital Status: Married with 2 cats
  • Education: Graduated from Baylor University

Other Interesting Facts: While struggling to make it as an actor, Angela made ends meet by being an operator for 1-800-Dentist. She originally auditioned for the role of Pam Beasley but the producers did not see her as Pam. Lucky for us, they saw her as Angela. For the last seven years, she has been a part of the ImprovOlympic Theater


  • License to Wed; 2007 - Judith
  • Tripping Forward; 2006 - Jennifer
  • Career Suicide; 2004 - Tammy
  • All Of Us TV Show; "Tia Moves In" episode - Blanch Whitefish
  • Run of the House TV Show; "The Party" episode - Maxine
  • King of the Hill TV Show; "Peggy's Pageant Fever" episode - Angela
  • King of the Hill TV Show; "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying" episode - Angela
  • Step by Step TV Show; "Goin' To The Chapel" episode - Simone
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