The Office Season 4

Season 4 - Episode 1/2 - Fun Run

Michael Scott's lonely breakfast in his newly girly condo aside, season 4 of The Office opened with a bang:

One second Michael's driving while rambling, and the next he's crashing into Meredith! On company property, with company property!

Was Michael driving that fast? Is it blaming the victim to wonder if Meredith's reflexes were impaired by drinking? The hopeless ''alkie'' (according to Angela) ended up hospitalized with a broken pelvis — oh, and rabies (thanks to Dwight).

Despite painkillers, Meredith was none too thrilled with Michael, who pulled out her IV while tangling it in balloons and then, desperate for forgiveness, climbed onto her with a broken pelvis for a full-body hug.

Michael is still gifted at making inane assertions (''European offices are naked all the time!''); Dwight is ever obsessed with wildlife; Jan remains unemployed and mentally fragile (staring daggers at a stripper who recognized Michael from Bob Vance's bachelor party); and Toby continues to live out his destiny as the Sadsack of Scranton.

But look out for new Pam! The perceptive receptionist was radiating confidence. No longer content to mew ''Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam'' all day, she's found the curiosity in her private life to try buying a celebrity sex tape, and the moxie in her professional life to efficiently lead staffers on an outing to visit laid-up Meredith.

Jim and Pam have started seeing each other! Wish we knew a wee bit more: how regularly they're waking up together, whether they've said ''I love you'' or made long-term plans, all that mushy stuff.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Emily McGuire for providing this episode summary.

Memorable quotes from this episode

I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.
Photo of Creed

Photo of Toby
Where are we?
I dunno. Like five kilometers from the office.
Photo of Kelly
Photo of Toby
He couldn't have made it a circle?

Did this happen on company property?
Photo of Ryan
Photo of Michael
It was on company property, with company property. So, double jeopardy, we're fine.
I don't think-- I don't think you understand how jeopardy works.
Photo of Ryan
Photo of Michael
Oh, I'm sorry. What is, 'we're fine'?