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Episode - Traveling Salesmen

Kevin tells Angela that Corporate left a message saying they had not received the tax returns. She secretly got Dwight to drive them to New York early that morning. So she replies that they received them this morning. Because of this, Dwight is late for work and Andy uses is as a way to try to get him fired.

The sales people are breaking into groups to go on sales calls.

  • Andy picks Michael
  • Phyllis picks Karen
  • Stanley picks Ryan
  • Leaving Jim and Dwight together

In the car, Andy asks why Dwight does Michael's laundry. He tells Andy that it's punishment for going to Jan behind his back and trying to steal his job.

Phyllis takes Karen to a beauty salon which confuses Karen. And when Karen comes out with big teased hair and lots of crazy make-up she is not pleased.

Ryan asks Stanley if he can take the lead on the sales call. Stanley agrees with delight.

Andy screws up and losses the sale, pretty much by opening his mouth.

While at their sales call, Phyllis asks about the client's wife. The guy shows them a picture of them on vacation. His wife has big, teased hair and lots of crazy make-up. Phyllis winks at the camera.

Stanley introduces Ryan to 3 really big, tall, Afican American clients. He explains Ryan will be the lead. Ryan gets off to a bad start and is so intimidated. In the car, Stanley can't quit laughing at him.

Jim and Dwight made a perfect team, surprisingly enough and made their big sale.

Back in the car, Phyllis tells Karen that she glad Karen is with Jim. That she didn't think Jim would ever be over Pam.

Karen confronts Jim about this new knowledge and he just plays it down and makes her feel better.

Andy, snooping around, finds a toll ticket Dwight got while in New York. He takes it to Michaeal and gets him to think Dwight went behind his back. Dwight denies it but because Angela doesn't want their relationship public he won't tell Michael what he was doing there. So he quits.

In his interview, Andy is explaining his role in Dwight's quitting. Angela is GLARING at him listening to every word. He better watch out, there was fire behind those eyes.

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