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Episode - The Return

Dwight is looking for a new job since we quit his at Dunder-Mifflin. He settles for a job at Staples until he can find something better.

Andy is very impressed with his new cell phone ringtone and shares it with Jim. Jim is not impressed.

All day Andy has really been annoying Jim and everyone else. Andy actually stalkes Michael and it's creeping him out. Michael refers to him as a big weirdo freek.

Jim decides that he's going to play a prank on Andy. He goes to Karen but she turns him down. When he asks Pam, she immediately says yes. Karen is now regretting saying no.

Michael is moping around the office missing Dwight a lot. Angela is doing the same. Jim is busy though. He's working on getting Andy's phone in the ceiling above him. And the of course call the phone a lot.

Angela finally goes to Michael and explains that Dwight was taking papers to Corporate for her that she had forgotten to send because Kevin didn't remind her. Michael is touched my how much Dwight loves this company, if he would drive to New York early in the morning and risk being late to help a co-worker he hardly knows.

So Michael goes to Staples, apologizes, and gets Dwight to come back to work.

At the office, Karen asks Jim if he still has feelings for Pam. He says yes and she walks out disappointed.

All is right with the world again.

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