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The Coup

Michael declares Mondays, "Movie Mondays". Today is Monday. While watching the movie, Jan stops by for a visit. She is more than angry at Michael for having his staff goof-off and not work.

Angela pulls Dwight into the kitchen. She is convinced Michael's actions are going to cause Jan to close the branch and all of them to lose their jobs.

She tells Dwight that this is the perfect opportunity for him to talk to Jan about replacing Michael as Branch Manager. Dwight us not easily convinced. He is very loyal to Michael. But in the end Angela get her wish and Dwight call Jan.

Jan has already left for New York. Dwight says they should meet and tells her to get off the freeway at the Liz Claiborne Outlet.

Dwight goes and tells Michael that he must leave to go to the dentist to get a crown replaced. Michael is not interested and allows Dwight the time off.

At the dinner with Jan, Dwight begins to make his pitch for running the office. He never really does say anything constructive, just that he wants it...while he is shoveling pancakes in his mouth.

When Jan leave, she calls Michael and tells him that Dwight wants to run the branch. Michael is shocked and hurt byt the news.

When Dwight returns, Michael tells him that Jan called and is making Dwight manager and demoting Michael to Dwight's job.

Dwight plays like he is surprised and didn't see this coming.

After some pretty poor managing and some very obnoxious behavior, Michael can no longer take it and tells him that it's all a joke. He knows what Dwight did.

Immediately, Dwight drops to the floor and begins pleading with Michael to forgive me. After a very odd display. Michael tells Dwight to get up and "hug it out, Bitch." Dwight gets off the floor and the two embrace for awhile. Michael explains that that is how men do it, although the phrase does not translate well for females.

Michael and Dwight are now in the conference room watching a movie and eating popcorn. Angela is disappointed that Dwight can't frow some balls.

Meanwhile in Stanford, the branch is playing a video game as a team building exercise. Jim is'nt very good at the game and that frustrates his co-workers. We do sense that there may be chemistry forming between Jim and the pretty co-worker, Karen, that sits behind him.

I have one thing to say....BRING JIM BACK TO SCRANTON!

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