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Episode - The Convict

A check comes in the mail that leads to the realization that one of the employees from the Stamford branch is an ex-convict, Martin Nash.

Michael makes a statement to the whole office that Martin is an the ex-convict and that everyone should trust him. At least as much as they do Appollo Creed.

Martin tells the group at lunch that he was involved in insider trading. He goes on to explain what prison was like and the employees start saying how prison is better than working at the branch.

So Michael tries to treat them as if they were in prison. When the staff continues to grumble, Michael locks them in the conference room.

Pam calls Toby at his desk to get him to unlock the door. Toby tells Michael that the staff is just playing with him so Michael lets them out with a smile and let's them have the rest of the day off for good behavior.

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