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The Convention

Michael is preparing to go to Philadelphia to attend the Annual Northeastern Mid Market Office Supply Convention.

We also learn that Jim will be attending and so will Dwight. Angela is not pleased.

Kelly has set Pam up with Alan, a cartoonist from the local paper. Their date is tonight. Pam is really nervous because she hasn't been on a first date in 9 years.

On his way out, Michael asks Pam if she would like him to give Jim a message. Her response is "Um" and Michael and Dwight tease her horribly.

Jim, Michael, and Dwight greet each other at the convention. Jim sees Dwight and thinks how petty all those pranks were that he pulled on Dwight. But then Dwight speaks and Jim wonders how he can get a copy of Dwight's hotel room key.

Back at the office, Toby and Kevin are talking. Kevin tells Toby how Pam is back on the market dating and that if he weren't engaged he would so hit that. Toby, who is single, is intrigued with the thought of Pam. He tries several times but keeps losing his nerve to ask her out.

Michael and Dwight are planning a big booze filled party in Michael's room. He's hoping to get a lot of foot traffic from the elevator that is close. However, first, they must make an appearance downstairs at the convention.

While down there, Michael and Dwight are shaking hands and spreading the word about the party.

Michael is not pleased with Josh, Jim's new boss, who is continually showing him up. He tells Dwight to dig up some dirt on Josh. Dwight runs off to complete his task. Unfortunately, Dwight's police contact wasn't volunteering today so he didn't get any dirt.

During lunch, Jim is inquiring to Michael about his former co-workers. He's dying to know about Pam but doesn't want it to seem so. Jan, who has joined them, is digusted that Michael has not tried to generate business, only interest for his party. And to drive the point home, she explains that Jim and Josh have meetings set up all day and so does she.

Angela turns up at the hotel in Philadelphia where she is wearing big sun glasses to hide her face. She is asking if there is a key for Jane Doe. There is.

Jim, Josh, Michael and Dwight are still milling around the convention. Michael gets a call from Pam. Just before he hangs up with her, he tells her to have fun on her date. Jim looks at the camera completely floored but says nothing.

Later, we see Jim walking down the hall. Turns out he got a copy of Dwight's room key and is headed in. When he enters the room he sees Angela's bare legs on the bed and runs out. Jim thinks Dwight got a hooker. He is loving the thought of this new information and just must call someone and share. But he doesn't have anyone to call with Pam out of his life.

In case you're curious, the thing between Ryan and Kelly is still going on. They are doubling with Pam on her blind date. Kelly is feeding Ryan french fries with ketchup, which he doesn't like, and he has a very "stuck and how the hell can I end this" look on his face. Pam's date is a dud.

Michael's party is a bust. A few people come by the room and when they see Michael is the only one there, they back out quickly.

Jim shows up for the party and also sees only Michael in the room. He feels sorry for Michael so he plays it off and asks for a drink. Michael starts laying in to him for transferring. Jim explains to Michael that he is a great boss and not the reason for the transfer. Jim transferred because of Pam. Michael is shocked and relieved at the same time. Michael tells Jim that Pam is single now. But Jim says he put it all on the line twice and her answer was "No". So he must move on.

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