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Grief Counseling

Jan calls Michael to let him know that Ed Truck, the former Reginal Manager, has died.

In Stanford, Josh is holding a staff meeting. Turns out Karen, the co-worker with her eye on Jim, didn't get her work done on time. Josh assigns Jim to make sure it does. Karen is none to pleased with this outcome.

Jim sees Karen in the breakroom moaning that the vending machine is out of her favorite chip. She snips at Jim that it doesn't fall under his authority. He disagrees. He tells her that today he is her project manager and they will do nothing until she gets the chips that she requires. They should leave now to find them. Karen smiles.

Michael and Creed are talking about Ed. Creed tells Michael that Ed was drunk as a skunk flying down route 6 and ran right under a semi which took off his head.

Michael is distraught to hear how Ed died. Dwight thinks it's the perfect way to go..quick, instant, painless. But Michael dosn't think a Reginal Manager of Dunder-Mifflin should go out like that.

The news of how Ed died really shocks everyone.

Michael calls Jan to discuss what can be done to honor Ed. He argues that Martin Luther King has a day but he never even worked at Dunder-Mifflin. Jan suggests he give his staff the ay off. Michael says that is not what they would want. He thinks they should put up a statue of Ed. Jan laughs. Micheal gets very irate with Jan and the two exchange heated words.

In Stanford, Jim is calling all around town to find the chips that Karen wants. But Karen is not having a good time. She rather just get back to work.

In Scranton, Michael can't stop talking about the gruesome details of Ed's death. Stanley and Phyllis are getting pretty tired of it. Michael feels it's his duty to get his staff through this, because right now they are denying their feelings.

Michael takes everyone into the conference room. They are all sitting in a circle. He says he is going to through someone a ball. And that person is to tell of a special person in their life who dies and how they died. Crying is allowed.

Grief Counceling Session

  • Michael: I lost Ed truck. And it feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. At the same time somebody else is hitting my soul in the crouch with a frozrn sledgehammer. And then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone and I'm crying and nobody can hear me because I'm terribly, terribly, terribly, alone.


Just as Michael finishes his speech, Roy comes in and says he needs to see Pam right away. There seems to something wrong with the radiator in her car. As soon as they leave the room, Roy admits her car is fine he was just giving her a break from the grief counseling session.

However, Michael put the group on hold until Pam returned.

Back to the Session

  • Dwight: When my mother was pregnant with me they did an altrasound and found out she was having twins. When they did another altrasound a few weeks later that they discovered that I had resorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this, no. I believe his tissues made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.
  • Stanley refuses to participate and throws the ball back at Michael very hard.
  • Pam: I had an aunt that I was really close to, she was this amazing female boxer. Anyway, she was injured in a fight and she was paralyzed. So you can imagine how upset I was when she asked her manager to remove her breathing tube so she could die. (Ryan looks at the camera and knows she is using Million Dollar Baby.)
  • Ryan: A few years ago my family was on a safari in Africa. And my cousin Mufasa, was trampled to death by a pack of wildabeasts. And we all took it really hard. (This is from the Lion King)
  • Kevin: I was trying to throw this party once, and everyone was over for the weekend. And then my Uncle Bernie died. So then me and my best friend had to pretend like he was alive. (This is from Weekend At Bernie's)

Michael figures out Kevin is using Weekend at Bernies and gets very upset that no one is taking his session seriously. He can't understand why no one cares that the man who used to sit at his desk is now dead. When Toby tells him that just this morning a bird flew into the glass doors and died, Michael goes over the edge.

Michael goes downstairs to try to save the bird with Dwight chasing after him. The bird is dead.

Michael announces to the group that at 4pm everyone is to be in the parking lot for a memorial service for the bird.

In Stanford, Karen finds her favorite chips on her desk...Thanks to Jim.

During the funeral, Pam gives a really nice euology. It touches everyone, especialy Michael who cries. Dwight plays his flute while Pam sings. Everyone holds hands and sways.

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