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Kelly has invited her co-workers to the celebration of Diwali. Ryan is going to meet Kelly's parents for the first time.

Michael has a presentation on famous people of the India hertiage and the background of Diwali. Most of the meeting is offensiveand makes no sense as per usual.

In Stamford, order form consolidation is the task at hand. So Jim, Andy, and Karen have to stay late. Andy brings out a bottle of liquor and the 3 do shots while working, or so the guys think. Karen, who sits in the back, pours her shots out without drinking them.

At the Diwali celebration, Ryan is very uncomfortable because for one thing Kelly's parents are trying to set her up with someone else.

Everyone is dancing and having a good time while Michael is talking to Kelly's parents about marriage. It inspires him to propose, after 9 dates, to Carol, infront of everyone. She is mortified and asks if they can talk outside. She does not want to marry Michael.

Michael can't believe it, his grand gesture was shot down.

While Ryan is yet again speaking unfortably to Kelly's parents...Her dad asks if there is something Ryan wanted to ask them. Ryan is frozen...Yikes!

In Stamford, Andy rolls out his sleeping bag and passes out on the floor from the shots. Jim tries to get on his bike and peddle home but it is unsuccessful.

And because there just wasn't enough humiliation for the cast is this episode... While talking to Pam on the steps Michael leads in to kiss her. Pam obviously leans back and rejects him flat out. What was he thinking?!?

All Season 3 Episodes

Episode Title Original Air Date
1 Gay Witch Hunt September 21, 2006
2 The Convention September 28, 2006
3 The Coup October 5, 2006
4 Grief Counseling October 12, 2006
5 Initiation October 19, 2006
6 Diwali November 2, 2006
7 Branch Closing November 9, 2006
8 The Merger November 16, 2006
9 The Convict November 30, 2006
10/11 A Benihana Christmas December 14, 2006
12 Back from Vacation January 4, 2007
13 Traveling Salesmen January 11, 2007
14 The Return January 18, 2007
15 Ben Franklin February 1, 2007
16 Phyllis's Wedding February 8, 2007
17 Business School (Coming Soon) February 15, 2007
18 Cocktails (Coming Soon) February 22, 2007
19 The Negotiation (Coming Soon) April 5, 2007
20 Safety Training (Coming Soon) April 12, 2007
21 Product Recall (Coming Soon) April 26, 2007
22 Women's Appreciation (Coming Soon) May 3, 2007
23 Beach Games (Coming Soon) May 10, 2007
24/25 The Job (Coming Soon) May 17, 2007

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