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Episode - Branch Closing

Jan comes to the Scranton brance and explains to Michael that the Board voted to close his branch. She goes on to say that a few people will be asked to stay and everyone else will get severance packages. She makes it clear that Michael will be getting a severance package.

Part of the decision to close Michael's branch is due to the talent of Josh, the Stamford branch manager. The Board wants to promote him and then have Jim be the number 2 guy.

It takes Michael 10 seconds to leak the news all over the office.

Jim is sad to learn that most of his friends will be out of a job.

When Jan meets with Josh and Jim, Jim asks who, if anyone, will be coming over from Scranton. (Secretly he wonders about Pam)

During the meeting Jim is quite surprised to hear about his promotion.

Back in Scranton, Stanley is elated because he is planning on using his severance to retire and travel with his wife. Pam is happy because she needs a change. At home she answers the phone "Dunder Mifflin this is Pam". Toby is also quite pleased. He plans on moving to Costa Rica and learning how to surf.

Ryan is the happiest because he is taking this opportunity to break up with Kelly.

Michael is completely beside himself. He decides to pay a visit to the CFO in New York and plead his case to save his branch.

Michael and Dwight finally arrive at the home of the CFO. They wait all day but no one ever comes home. Michael dispair grows.

During the meeting with Josh and Jim, Jan is shocked to hear that Josh has taken a Senior Management Position at Staples. She's mad because the whole restruction was based around Josh. Jan must make some phone calls. Now the news is the Scranton will stay open, Stamford will close and Jim will run the branch.

Jim is hestitent to take the job because of unresolved issues with Pam plus he would feel guilty about taking Michael's job.

Jan goes to the Scranton branch and finds all the employees in a rut and tells them their branch is not closing.

Michael's cell phone rings, he doesn't answer. Then Dwight's goes off. They hear the news and are shocked. They saved the branch without even talking to the CFO.

Of course with the branch staying open, it puts everyone's plans on hold. And like a dork, Jim convinces Karen to take a job at the Scranton branch if one is offered to her.

The plot thickens.

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