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Episode - Back From Vacation

Michael returns from vacation in a very chipper mood. He brings everyone into the conference room to show some pictures and explain his new attitude toward business: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.

Pam notices that Jan is one of the pictures, a racey one. Michael admits to the camera that they went together and had lots of sex. He doesn't stop there. He calls his friend Packer and tells him, then emails him the picture as proof.

However instead of sending it to Packer, he sends it to packaging (Darrell in the warehouse). And it gets forwarded all over like a hot potatoe.

Jan arrives none to thrilled with Michael. She pretends she was visiting relatives in Scottsdale not with Michael.

Once alone, Jan tells Michael that she is attracted to him. She doesn't know why or how. And she knows Michael is bad for her. But she still wants to be with him. She tells him to leave early and meet her at his condo so they can "be together".

Meanwhile, Karen is looking for an apartment and there is one available down the street from Jim. Jim is not thrilled with the idea and doesn't want her to move that close. He talks it over with Pam who says he needs to lighten up. So he gets an application for Karen who then goes and thanks Pam. Pam then goes and cries in the hallway.

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