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Episode - A Benihana Christmas

On his way to work, Dwight hit a goose with his car. he brings in the dead bird and plops it on Pam's desk. She's not pleased and tells him to talk to away. But he thinks it's a Christmas miracle and he is going to prepare it with a wild rice dressing.

Next, Michael arrives riding his bike. To show off, he's decided to donate it to the Toy Drive Box. He thinks it awesome but it is his old bike with worn tires and chipping paint.

Michael is in a very chipper mood. He is all excited because his girlfriend Carol is coming to the office Christmas party. And he is going to surprise her with 2 tickets to Sandals All Inclusive Beach Resort in Jamaica. A lovely, romantic getaway just for the 2 of them.

Enter girlfriend Carol, who does not look happy. She explains to Michael that some of the things he's been doing is really creeping her out. For example: putting his face over her ex's face in a picture where the whole family had gone skiing. Oh and he made it his Christmas card. So she dumps him. And the tickets to Sandals don't change her mind.

Michael is crushed.

Meanwhile, Pam calls Jim over to her desk to give him his Christmas present. For the past few months, she has been sening Dwight letters from the CIA. And the CIA is considering Dwight for a top secret mission. Pam hands copies of the letters to Jim in a file. The file also includes his application and a report where he had to list every secret he promised he never ever tell.

Secret: Last year my boss Michael Scott took a day off. He said it was because he was sick but really it was to go to Magic Camp.

So her gift to Jim is that he gets to decide what Dwight's top secret mission is. Although flattered and finding it all quite funny, sadly Jim refuses the gift. He feels like since he's #2 in command, he should stop playing pranks on Dwight. Pam is really disappointed, but agrees.

Michael depressingly comes out of his office, crying and the whole bit. He explains that Christmas is cancelled. He and his girlfriend have just broken up and it wouldn't be appropriate to celebrate under the circumstances.

The employees grumble and get on him so Michael agrees that they can have their stupid party and invite guests that will cancel on them at the last minute and leave their life a big mess.

In the conference room, the ladies are planning the Christmas party. Angela is her usual pleasant self. Newcomer Karen shares some ideas that the Stamford branch would do that might be fun to incorporate. Angela immediately shoots all of these ideas down with no tact. Then she asks Karen to leave. She explains that "we tried this out and it didn't work" you are no longer on the party planning committee. Karen is shocked. And at Angela's persistance, she leaves.

Michael is in his office playing one part of a sad song over and over. (He doesn't want to cough up the money to download the whole song so he only gets part of it).

Pam starts feeling bad about what happend to Karen during the party planning meeting. And she feels like she's being cold to her even though "there's no real reason for it". So Pam goes to Karen, and they decide to have their own Christmas party at the office. One that will serve alcohol and conveniently start just before Angela's party. And their more colorful poster is right above Angela's. Angela is pissed. She askes what the "Committee to plan parties is". The girls say they just created it. Angela protests that you can't just start a committee.

Jim steps in as #2 and decides he'll get a committee together to reveiw the 2 committees and decide if in fact both are viable. Jim of course is the only member of this special committee even though Dwight wants to be on it really bad. Jim's committee decides that there can be two party committees.

Andy has a brainchild idea. Michael needs to go out to a sushi bar where the waitresses are hot and they can kick back a have a few rounds. Michael loves the idea and grabs his entourage - Dwight and Jim.

Andy and Micheal get very druck at Benihana's and Andy tells Michael that their are 2 waitresses checking them out. So they take the waitresses back to the Christmas party. These women are Asian and it becomes very clear, very quickly that Michael can't tell them apart. All he knows is that one of them is his girlfriend.

In a desprite, disgustingly-piggish, yet very funny move... Michael goes into the breakroom where both women are and starts pretending like he can't see them. "Where's my girl?" etc... Finally, his girlfriend comes to him and gives him a big hug. While she's huggy him, Michael puts a mark on her with a black marker. You know, so he can tell them apart.

Shortly after that, the girls decide to leave and break up with Michael and Andy. Michael is back to being depressed, sort-of, but he's pretty wasted so mostly he's okay.

Jim sees Pam and Roy together and changes his mind about helping her finish the CIA prank on Dwight.

Jim goes to Pam and says he has intercepted a transmission and it seems the CIA is going to need Dwight to come to Langly for training and an ice cream social with the other agents. A helicopter will be picking him up.

As Dwight waits for his chopper, he gets a text: You have been comprised. Abort mission. Distroy phone.

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