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Episode - Gay Witch Hunt

Season 3 arrives and there is already something big missing - Jim. Ryan has been promoted and is not longer a temp. He is sitting at Jim's desk who has transferred to the Stanford branch.

Flashback to Jim and Pam kissing in the office after Casino Night. He tells her he's waited a long time to kiss her and she says she has felt the same way. Jim goes to kiss her again she pulls away. She says she is going to marry Roy. Jim, disappointed, walks away.

To the camera, Dwight cries and carries on about missing Jim. Then he straightens up and says "False, I do not miss him".

Toby is having a discussion with Michael concerning Oscar. Michael, earlier in the day, called Oscar "faggy". Oscar, who is gay, took real offense to this. Michael, of course, had no idea and claims he called him "faggy" to be playful with someone he thought was "straight".

It's takes Toby awhile, but he finally gets Michael to understand that Oscar actually is a Gay man who likes other men.

Michael tries to apologize to Oscar, but it really only makes the matter worse. For example, he suggests to Oscar that they go out for a beer and Oscar can explain how it is he can do that to another dude.

Oscar tries to deny to the camera, in his interview, that he's not gay, but eventually comes out of the closet.

Jim is working the phones in his new branch and seems to be mildly happy. Although he is having trouble adjusting and his co-workers don't really know what to think about him yet.

Back in Scranton, Micheal and Dwight are peering through Micheal's office door looking at all the employees. They are trying to figure out how they can tell if someone is gay and whoelse in the office might be gay.

After some conversation, when they realize that they can't tell...i.e. because Michael thinks Angela is gay, which Dwight disagrees with and because Dwight couldn't tell that Oscar was gay....Dwight remembers something. Jim once told him that you can purchase a "gaydar" on the internet and that would tell you who was and who wasn't.

Immediately the two are on the phone to Jim, who is more than happy to play along. He believes you can get the devise at Sharper Image and says he'll pull up the website. Oh no, he explains. They are sold out.

Roy comes in and offers Pam the choice between fish and chicken for lunch. She chooses and he walks away. The camera notices that Pam is not wearing her engagement ring. She explains that the wedding is off and so she and Roy have to eat the food that was to be catered. She also says she just cold feet and couldn't go through it. Roy tells the camera that he's going to win her back and never take her forgranted again.

There is a weird vide that Oscar is feeling in the office. Angela is using hand sanitizer way more, people are starring, Kelly thinks she's underestimated him, and the more it goes on, the more uncomfortable Oscar is.

Back in Stanford, Andy, Jim's new office buddy finds that his calculator has been put in jell-o. Gee, I wonder who did that. Instead of taking it lightly and funny, the man goes off and kicks a trash can across the room. Jim just stares at his monitor hoping not to be figured out.

In Scranton, it's back to the conference room for more discremination training. The company needs Michael to smoothe this over so Oscar doesn't decide to sue.

Let's just say it didn't go smoothly. After Oscar officially comes out of the closet, Dwight demands that all the other office gays do the same or he will do it for them. It doesn't take too much more for Oscar to say he has to quit. So Michael closes the door before Oscar can get through it and in front of all hugs him. All, of course, to make a statement. This takes Oscar over the edge and he tells Michael off. Michael then goes to leave but Oscar stops him and apologizes. Then to make up for it agrees to the hug. Michael cries and then decides they should kiss. It was worse than watching Liza Minelli and David Guest kiss.

Of course, Dwight can't be left out of anything so he gets up and kisses Oscar.

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