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Episode - Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and in short order a delivery guy brings a bundle of roses. They are for Phyllis from her boyfriend Bob Vance.

Michael is headed to New York to do a presentation, for the new CFO, on the branch.

Since Jim broke up with Katie, he has no plans for Valentine's Day. So he's going to get a card game going and win a lot of money.

Dwight returns to his desk where a package awaits him. He is very suspicious and thinks it is a prank Jim is playing on him. Jim denys it and Dwight carefully opens the box. He pulls out a Valentine's Day card and looks at Angela. Inside the box is a bobble head that looks like him. He is very proud of it and Angela is glad even though no one else is to know.

Ryan and Kelly hooked up the night before. Ryan kissed her and now she thinks she has a boyfriend. And because it's Valentine's Day Ryan now feels he has to do something for her.

More flowers arrive for Phyllis and Pam is disappointed. Meredith isn't bothered because she is "drinking soda".

Dwight finds Angela and tells her someone totally rocks for getting him his present. The best ever. She's happy he liked it but in classic style denys knowing anything about it. She then tells Dwight that she hopes she gets something. As she walks away, Dwight is scared. He had not gotten her anything yet and now knows he must.

Another delivery guy arrives carrying an almost life size teddy bear. It's for Phyllis and Pam's blood boils.

Nervous Dwight goes to Pam for advice about what to get his girlfriend.

Kelly and Jim are talking about the relationship between her and Ryan. She is going way overboard fast and Jim tells her to just slow down and take it easy. Ryan comes in to get a soda.


Kelly - "Hey, So, Do you want to.. do something.. tonight.. or.."
Jim - (softly)"Ohh. No. Not while I'm here."
Kelly - "I mean it's Valentine's Day, or whatever, but there's totally no pressure at all, of any kind, whatsoever, so.."
Ryan - "I can't tonight. I have plans with my friends, so"
Kelly - "Ok"
Ryan - "um"
Kelly - "that's totally cool, I completely understand."
Ryan - "cool.. (uncomfortable pause) ok."
Ryan walks away. Jim and Kelly both sit there silently.

Phyllis gets yet another delivery and Pam almost can't contain herself.

Oscar then gets a delivery from his mother, flowers.

By this point, Meredith is past out on her desk.

Jim continues to advise Kelly on her relationship with Ryan but she isn't listening.

Angela returns to her desk to find a box. Inside the box is a key (to Dwight's house). She's happy. To the camera Dwights says: "Women are like wolves. If you want a wolf, you have to trap it. You have to snare it. And then you have to tame it. Keep it happy, care for it, feed it. Lovingly, the way an animal deserves to be loved. And my animal deserves a lot of loving."

Roy comes to pick Pam and she is pissed. Roy claims the day isn't over yet and her Valentine's Day gift is waiting for her at home. The best sex of her life. Pam is not amused.

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