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Episode - The Secret

We open with Pam laughing at a joke that Jim told as Michael walks in. He demands to know the joke. Jim asks him if he thinks it smells like updog. Michael asks "Whats updog?" Jim says "nothing much, what's up with you?". Michael finds this hilarious and immdiately tries to find someone to use it on. He tries Stanley who is on the phone and ignores him. He then tries Ryan in the breakroom but he screws up the punch line. Kevin doesn't tell Michael the punchline correctly. Michael then tries it on Dwight, who falls for the gag, but Michael forgets to tell the punchline causing Dwight to mistake the joke for a genuine attempt to make friendly conversation. Michael gives up and goes to his office. Are you hooked on this show yet?

It's spring cleaning and Dwight is in charge of handing out duties. He assigns Meredith to replace the urinal cakes in the men's bathroom, Kevin must clean out the file drawers, Angela is to clean out the kitchen. Dwight and Angela both find it unacceptable that Oscar is out sick.

Dwight won't let Oscar's absence go. He believes Oscar is playing hookey because it is Friday. Michael allows Dwight to investigate.

Jim is sad when he over hears Kelly and Pam talking about the upcoming wedding. When Michael sympathetically tells Jim it must be torture to listen to this, Jim knows he made a mistake by telling Michael. Jim takes Michael privately, and tells him that what he said about Pam was a secret. When Michael learns he is the only one who knows, he is completely flattered. It goes right to his head. Jim knows this is a losing battle.

Dwight assigns Ryan to head up spring cleaning because he must investigate Oscar's absence.

Michael tries to bond with Jim by talking about Pam in code in the breakroom and then again by drinking grape soda. (Jim was drinking one earlier). Dwight immediately becomes suspicious. Michael can no longer stand it and blurts out that he and Jim share a secret. To get Michael to quit trying to talk about Pam in front of others, Jim agrees to go have lunch with Michael at Hooters.

Michael lies to the staff at Hooters and tells them it's Jim's birthday so they'll do the birthday boobie dance.

Back at work, Michael tries to mess his hair up to look more like Jim's. He then takes the receipt to accounting to get reimbursed. When they refuse, he blows up and says he took Jim to lunch because he was in love with someone he worked with who was engaged, Michael knows he blew it.

The whole office is now talking about Jim's crush on Pam. When Jim realizes it, he tries to go to Pam and tell her himself before she hears is from someone else. Jim's confession to Pam was that he "used to" have a crush on her, but he doesn't anymore.

Dwight has been steaking out Oscar's place and that night finally gets the goods on Oscar. Oscar played hookey. Dwight agrees not to tell Michael but Oscar will owe him big.

At the end of the day, Michael puts his foot in his mouth one more time making Pam wonder if Jim is actually over her.

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