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Episode - The Fire

The show opens with Jim receiving a phone call from Katie, the purse girl he's seeing (who I personally think looks like Pam). Pam, although she doesn't admit it, is jealous.

Michael learns Ryan is going to business school and decides to take him under his wing. Dwight is jealous. There is a lot of jealousy in this episode.

The fire alarm goes off and all the employees evacuate. Michael hauls ass out first while Dwight and Angela keep everyone calm and guide them to the exits. Of course, Dwight is anything but calm.

Outside, while Michael mentors Ryan, Jim decides to take control of the rest of the group by playing the games "desert island", "who would you do", and "would you rather".

Michael tells Ryan to quiz him on business and we learn just how much Michael doesn't know about business. Dwight's jealousy grows.

While playing "who would you do", Kevin and Oscar agree they would do Pam, Roy said he'd do Angela, and Michael said he'd have sex with Ryan. Later all the girls admit they'd do Jim, except Pam, who would do Oscar or Toby.

Michael is upset because he believes he left his cellphone inside the office. Thinking it will make him happy, Dwight runs into the smokey building to get it. Once Dwight is in the building, Michael realizes he had it all along.

Dwight then comes out to reveal that Ryan is the one who started the fire because "they didn't teach him how to use a toaster oven in business school". Ryan is now known as the "fire guy".

Katie comes to pick Jim up and Pam is jealous. She kisses Roy to make Jim jealous.

Results of "desert island":

Angela would take "The Bible" and a "Purpose Driven Life" as her books. Phyllis would take "The DaVinci Code" as her book. Meredith chooses the following for her movies: "Legends of the Fall", "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "Legally Blond", "Bridges of Madison County", and "Ghost". Movies Pam would take: "Fargo", "Edward Scissorhands", "Dazed & Confused", "The Breakfast Club", and "The Princess Bride".

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