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Episode - The Fight

This episode starts out with a classic prank of Jim's. He has put Dwight's entire desk in the Men's bathroom. Extremely upset by this, Dwight calls his Sensei. Dwight himself is a Sen Pai, assistant to the Sensei.

Today is what Pam calls the "perfect storm". It's the day all of Michael's work overlaps and he has to sign a truck load of paperwork. The employees usually have to work late on this day because Michael procrastinates.

As a way to procrastinate, Michael assigns Ryan to go around and update everyones Emergency Contact Information. While trying to do so, Michael continually prank calls Ryan's cellphone.

Mocking Dwight, Jim asks Dwight to pick someone in the office he could beat up, just then Michael passes. Dwight claims he won't fight Michael because they are friends and Michael claims he can beat up Dwight. Michael puts Dwight in a sleeper hold to assert his dominance and then asks Jim to punch him the stomach. Jim declines and manipulates an argument between Michael and Dwight. Angered, when Michael tells Dwight to punch him the stomach, Dwight levels him.

Jim and Pam continue to escalate Michael's sence of physical inferiority. Michael challenges Dwight to a rematch. Dwight accepts and Michael immediately tried to back out.

Jim reflects to the camera that the Albany branch is working through lunch to avoid downsizing while Michael has extended theirs by an hour so they can go watch him fight Dwight.

The fight takes place at Dwight dojo and the Sensei goes over the rules. The fight is priceless and must be seen. Let's just say this, at the end of the fight, Dwight tries to spit in Michael's mouth. Michael is the winner.

Upset with the outcome of the fight, Dwight removes Michael as his emergency contact.

It's after 6pm and Michael is still procrastinating. When the staff, who is still there, jump on him, he requests help and everyone forges Michael's signature to get the work done. Teamwork.

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