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Episode - The Client

The episode begins with Jan and Michael discussing and planning for their big meeting. The meeting is with, Christian, the representative from Lackawanna County. If the meeting is successful and Dunder- Mifflin can get their business, no downsizing will occur.

Obviously, knowing Michael, Jan is concerned and continues to request that only she do the talking.

During the introduction at Chili's (the big meeting) Michael learns Jan is divorced and is intrigued by what happened openly embarrassing Jan.

Here's how the meeting goes:

Jan and Christian begin discussing the needs of the county and Michael begins discussing the Awesome Bloosom.

Michael then proceeds to tell a joke. Jan stops him and says he can only tell one joke. Wanting to make the most of his one joke, he calls Pam and they go over choices from his many joke books.See Joke

After the joke, Jan orders a vodka tonic

The next thing we see is Michael and Christian laughing over Michael's mouth tie. Everybody is drinking margaritas and Jan can no longer get the meeting under control.

The table orders baby back ribs and Michael & Christian sing the famous song.

They are then playing Truth or Dare and Christian is telling about his sick mother.

Jan's turn and she is pressured into telling about her divorce.

Michael and Christian talk about where they grew up over beers and Jan is miserable believing the night could not be worse.

Michael segways from growing up in Lackawanna County and knowing its needs to closing the deal. Jan is completely surprised and very drunk and very intrigued with Michael.

Back at the office, while Pam is putting away the joke books, she finds a movie screenplay that Michael has written. She immediately gives it to Jim and the Dunder-Mifflin employees begin to act out the movie around the conference table.

Roy comes to pick Pam up but she decides to stay and finish the movie reading.

Dwight is upset to learn that the movie's sidekick was originally named Dwight but was changed to Samuel L. Chang. So he quits reading the script and goes downstairs to set off the fireworks his uncle gave him.

Jim prepares grilled cheese sandwiches and Pam gets the drinks. They go to the roof to watch the fireworks. (Jim broke a date to be with Pam)

After the meeting at Chili's, in the parking lot, very excited about the deal, Jan & Michael kiss and then leave to go get more intimate somewhere else.

The next morning several employees notice Jan's car is still in the parking lot and assumptions are made about what happend between the two.

Michael claims the two did not actually have sex.

Jan immediately regrets what happened.

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