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Episode - The Carpet

Jim continually looks at Ryan who is sitting at Pam's desk. He generally is not aware he is doing it, and apologizes to Ryan. Pam is on vacation and Jim is usually looking over at her.

Ryan's reponse: "Jim's been looking at me, kind of, a LOT, all week. I would be creeped out by it, but it's nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me."

Pam returns from vacation.

Michael finds that there is a horrible stench in his office and there is something on the carpet. It's up for debate what it actually is at this point. A cleaning lady is brought in but when she leaves the smell is still not gone.

Jim swears to the camera he did not do that.

Unable to sit in his office, Michael sits at Jim's desk and Jim is forced to sit in the back with Kelly. Toby used to sit there before he got allergies. It doesn't take long to learn that he was allergic to Kelly and her incapability to shut up.

Ryan comes cover to ask Jim a question and it is then that Kelly finds she likes him. He's so cute, she says. She now wants Jim to talk to Ryan for her. When Jim refuses, she just continually begs him.

Michael and Dwight decide to raid accounting which basically means they took every peice of paper on the desks and threw them up in the air and shuffled all the filing cabinets. Accounting is not amused.

Michael eventually wonders if this might be a hate crime against him or an act of terrorism against the whole office.

Jim is completely displaced. He doesn't want to sit at the desk near Kelly and with Roy in the office, he and Pam are constantly together.

To motivate the office, Michael offers $83 to the person who makes the most sales at the end of the day. He uses Jim's rolodex.

After seeing Creed and Oscar laughing, Michael starts to believe one or all of this employees did this to his carpet.

Pissed off, Michael calls off the sales contest. Michael orders the guilty party to come forward but no one does.

Jim talks to Ryan for Kelly and he seems interested but has some questions that Jim needs to go ask Kelly. For example, does she want a serious relationship or just something fun.

Jim goes to Kelly who admits she wants marriage, kids, the whole bit. But not wanting to scare him, Jim is to tell Ryan she is up for anything.

Jim asks out Brenda from Corporate both over the phone in a voicemail and in e-mail.

Turns out Todd Packer was the one who left "the package" on Michael's floor. Michael is now the only one who thinks it's funny.

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