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Episode - Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Today at Dunder-Mifflin it's "Take Your Daughter To Work Day". Pam is excited to take the opportunity to become more comfortable around children. She tells Michael to go introduce himself.

Who brought kids to work:

  • Toby - 4 year-old daughter Sasha
  • Kevin - Abbey, his finacee's daughter
  • Stanley - 8th grade daughter Melissa
  • Meredith - son Jake

After all the horrible introductions, Michael tells the camera that he is comfortable around kids. It's just that he'd rather be the fun uncle than the father. You see, no one ever rebells against the fun uncle.

In the conference room, Kelly and Angela are setting up. Kelly asks Angela if she wants children. Angela explains that she would not mind having a pair of well-behaved boys. Kelly says she can't wait to have kids. Ryan, who is behind her, looks very uncomfortable. Ryan tells the camera that when they first hooked up, they both agreed to just hang out and have fun. He now knows that Kelly's idea of fun is to get married and start having babies, immediately, with him.

The only thing Pam wants out of the day, is to have one kid like her. She starts with Abbey. Before Pam really had a chance to bond with Abbey, Jim begins a conversation with her. Before long, Abbey is helping Jim sell paper.

Michael and Sasha are having a pretty big time playing with the trains and toys on his desk.

In the breakroom, Stanley's daughter Melissa is talking non-stop to Ryan. Ryan is politly trying to ignore her but she asks for his cell number. Kelly sees all of this through the window and is furious. She goes to Stanley and tells him she thinks something strange is going on between the two. Stanley goes to Ryan and threatens him. Ryan has never been more scared in his life.

Dwight is making copies when Angela walks up and tells him that she never misbehaved in front of her father, who was a strict disciplinarian, and that she hopes her mate has those same qualities. She walks away leaving Dwight with a confused look on his face.

Creed's way to impress the kids is by showing them his 4-toes foot. Michael stops him as he is taking off his shoe.

Back in the conference room, Michael and kids are enjoying pizza and looking quite comfortable together.

By the end of the day, Michael is convinced he wants to have kids so he joins an online dating service to find a wife. His screen name is "littlekidlover". That way people will know exactly where his priorities lay.

After the bonding that Jim and Abbey had, Abbey and Kevin ask Jim if he would like to have dinner with them. Jim has to decline due to a previous committment. Kevin asks what it is and Jim says he's going on a date. Pam looks jealous.

Dwight's closing statement: The Schrutes consider children very valuable. In the olden days, the women would bear many children, so that we would have enough laborers to work the fields. And if it was an especially cold winter, and there weren't enough grains and vegetables...they would eat the weakest of the brood...(he laughs)...they didn't eat the children.

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