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Episode - Sexual Harassment

The episode starts with Michael being very proud of an e-mail he fowarded, "50 Signs Your Priest Might Be Michael Jackson".

He then wanders to Dwight's desk where Dwight shows him an internet clip of a monkey doing a "sex thing". Dwight asks Michael if he wants the link.

Then enters obnoxious Todd Packer, Michael's BFF. This guy is full of obscene jokes and can't say anything appropriate.

We then learn that the CFO of Dunder-Mifflin resigned because he was having an affair with his secretary and she decided to "blow the whistle on the whole thing just to be a bitch". (Quote from Todd Packer) Jim shares with the camera that he hates Todd Packer. We agree with Jim.

Packer then requests that someone drive him around because of his "DUI situation". Michael happily volunteers Ryan.

Pam is anxiously waiting for her Mom to arrive for her visit.

As Michael goes to Dwight to get the monkey sex link so he can forward it like it's hot, Toby comes in with news for Michael. Due to the CFO sexual harassment scandel, Corporate mandates Toby do a presentation on the company's sexual harassment policy as well as have everyone watch a video.

Michael is visibly upset and it gets worse when he learns the corporate lawyer will be meeting with him about the policy.

After Toby's presentation, Dwight goes to Toby with questions about the female genital area. Note: if you have not seen this scene, please make it a point to catch this on a repeat. Specifically, Dwight would like to know where the clitoris is and what does a vagina look like.

Phyllis eludes that she had a one-night stand with a Dunder-Mifflin employee. She doesn't say who.

Michael is watching the video with the warehouse guys. A red-head comes on screen and Darryl claims he had sex with her at a party. Michael then precedes to say the employee / actress is a hypocrite and shouts it to the office just as Jan and the company lawyer arrive for their meeting.

After a brief meeting with Jan and the lawyer, Michael announces to the group he will no longer be their friend or funny. Jim asks if that included his famous catch phrase "that's what she said". Michael said yes, but Jim immediately gets him to say it, which pisses Jan off.

Pam's Mom arrives for her visit just in time to see Michael throwing out a life size blow up doll.

Jim overhears Pam's Mom asking "Which one is Jim"? in a whisper. This makes Jim smile.

In the end, Michael tries to adhere to the policy but we know it won't last long.

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