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Episode - Office Olympics

Today is the day that Michael is going to become a homeowner. He is buying a condo.

While Dwight is in Michael's office discussing the condo, Pam is throwing little balls of paper into a cup on Dwight's desk. She explains that "occasionally Jim dies of boredom, this time it is due to expense reports." She is trying to cheer him up.

Dwight and Michael prepare to leave and finalize the paperwork on Michael's condo. You see, Dwight is Michael's Number 2 man and should always be with him.

With Michael and Dwight out of the office, Jim wanders around. He learns that Kevin and Oscar play paper football and have been for several years. The game is called "HateBall" because Angela hates it so much. When Jim learns that yet another employee has a game (Toby and Bunderball), he decides to start the first ever Dunder-Mifflin Office Olympics.

While signing the papers, Michael and Dwight are mistaken for a gay couple...mostly due to Dwight's interaction and constant questioning. Michael then realizes he is signing a 30-year mortgage and begins to get cold feet. Michael tries to argue his way out of the deal but is told if he backs out he loses his $7,000 initial investment. Michael signs the paperwork. However, the more time Dwight spends the Michael, the more upset with Dwight Michael becomes. So much so that when Michael enters the office in the middle of the olympics he doesn't even notice.

Michael and Dwight attend the "Closing Ceremony" unware of what it is and what has gone on that day.

Gold Winners in Office Olympics

Phyllis got the Gold for Flonkerton (box paper shoe race); Kevin for getting the most M-N-M's in his mouth at once; Ryan for guessing "Someone from Vance Refridgeration" as the next one to use the elevator.

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