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Episode - Michael's Birthday

It's Michael's birthday and he enters the office in a fantastic mood. Kevin is not so happy on this day because he is waiting for the results of his medical tests.

Michael is in the breakroom, standing beside a box of donuts. Toby enters surprised that someone brought in donuts. Michael claims it was probably to celebrate his birthday. Toby wishes Michael a happy birthday. Michael was also the one to put the donuts in the breakroom.

We learn that Kevin's medical condition is a possible case of skin cancer. He's waiting on a second opinion.

Michael is clearly upset that no one cares about his birthday. He and Dwight stay in Michael's office...Michael to pout and eat donuts...Dwight to show Michael how much he cares.

Michael gets the attention he's been waiting for at 11:23. Dwight annouces that this is the exact time Michael came down the birth canal. Some of the men in the office lifted Michael up in the chair he was sitting in.

In an effort to cheer Kevin up, Pam and Jim sneak off to the store. They get some of Kevin's favorite things. just before checking out, Jim dares Pam to make an annoucement on the PA System. When she does it, Jim lights up with glee.

Back at the office, Michael blows out his candles and sees Angela hugging Kevin. Michael insists on knowing why no one has hugged him. When Angela tells him about Kevin's possible skin care, Michael is even more upset because Kevin's announcement is stealing his thunder.

Toby and Kevin are talking about the health plan when Michael walks up. Michael is happy to tell Kevin that 99% of people diagnosed with skin cover fully recover. So there was nothing to worry about and no reason why they still couldn't have a fun time celebrating Michael's birthday.

Continuing to try to have a good time and have no one mad at him, Michael announces that the office is going to take Kevin somewhere special that is of course in no way related to his birthday. When they arrive at the skating rink there is a big banner that reads "Happy Birthdy Michael".

The phone call Kevin had been waiting for finally comes. He is told that he doesn't have skin cancer. With the good news, everyone decided to sit down and have some cake to celebrate Michael's birthday.

Pam declares that it was a good day.

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