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Episode - Halloween

When Michael enters the office, Pam tells him Jan has called. Michael knows it's because he was supposed to fire someone by the end of the month. So far he has been putting it off hoping someone would quit, move, or die so he wouldn't have to do it. Of course, he has no idea who he is going to let go.

Still unsure, Michael goes to the Accounting Department (Kevin, Angela, and Oscar) and asks them to find $50,000 in the budget. Basically a salary and benefits.

Once again Dwight gets on Jim's nerves so he and Pam decide to post Dwight's resume on the web.

Angela gets mad at Pam for brining brownies instead of chips and dip to the office party.

Dwight's resume gets a hit so Jim plays Michael and gives Dwight a great reference.

When the company, Cumberland Mills, calls Dwight to set up an interview, Dwight immediately ruins his chances by having a rather stern argument with the caller over the importance and relevance of martial arts.

Pam thinks Jim should be the one to be getting better job offers and mentions to Jim that he should apply to Cumberland Mills, in Maryland. Jim does not like this suggestion and feels like Pam would not care if he left. Pam tries to back-peddle but Jim isn't having it.

Michael then tries to practice his firing skills on Jim in a very funny scene. Pam is worried Michael is firing Jim. He's not, he just needed to practice.

Michael decides to fire Creed, after unsuccessfully trying to fire Pam and Stanley. Creed is unwilling to be fired so he talks Michael into letting Devon go.

It's Halloween and most of the employees are dressed up:

  • Phyllis: a wild cat
  • Creed: a vampire
  • Devon: a hobo
  • Jim: a 3 hole punch version of Jim
  • Dwight: a Sith Lord
  • Michael: 2 heads
  • Pam: a black cat
  • Oscar: a woman
  • Kevin: a superhero (in tights)
  • Angela: a white cat
  • Kelly: Dorthy from Wizard of Oz

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