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Episode - Email Surveillance

Michael spies a gentleman in a turban walking towards the building. Michael immediately makes him out to be a terrorist. Well of course, it's a guy in a turban. Eyeing the terrorist, Michael drops everything, runs into the office and turns off all the lights and tells everyone to be quiet. The gentleman comes to the door and Michael insists all to be quiet. Trying not to look stupid, Michael claims, "The IT guy and me did not get off to a great start."

So the IT guy goes into Michael's office and helps Michael with his PC. He is essentially installing email surveillance software for Michael.

It doesn't take long for this to leak to the office and Michael is confronted by Oscar. Michael tries to deny the surveillance but IT sent the employees a memo explaining that it would be happening.

Kevin is concerned and must delete A LOT of stuff.

Dwight tells Angela to delete any "sensitive e-mails", which makes Pam think he means personal, eluding to their relationship. Pam takes the new development to Jim.

In continuing his search, Michael reads one of Meredith's e-mails that tell of a party at Jim's house that night. Michael was not invited.

Pam continues her investigation into the "Dwangela" romance. She asks Dwight what kind of women he prefers and then she asks Angela if she is bringing a date to Jim's party. Angela says no as she buys two candy bars from the vending machine.

Michael reflects on not being invited and decides he must be more "approachable". So he sets out to eat lunch with the crew at the lunchroom table. He tells of a story in college about how even the professors are invited to parties. Jim gets uncomfortable.

Jim explains to the camera that he is having a party with karaoke and he did not invite Michael. One of the major reasons for the party is to introduce his roommate to his co-workers. Basically to prove Dwight is real because the roommate believes Jim has made him up.

In order to keep Dwight from telling Michael about the party, Jim tells him it is a surprise for Michael. Dwight loves this.

Pam loves that Jim has convinced Dwight his party is a surprise for Michael and Jim loves that Pam is not bringing Roy to the party.

Michael continues to prompt Jim to invite him to his party but Jim is strong and never let's on that there is a party. Michael tries to cover and say he has improv class tonight anyway, but would cancel if anything came up.

As everyone is leaving for Jim's party after work, Michael desparately tries to attach himself to one of the staff. They all make excuses and brush him off.

At the party, Dwight anxiously awaits for Michael's arrival. When Pam arrives, Jim is showing his place around. In front of Pam, Ryan asks Jim if he is still seeing Katie. When Jim claims he hasn't seen her for awhile, Ryan asks for her phone number.

Pam looks around Jim's bedroom and the two interact, clearly showing their attraction for one another.

Later, people are chatting when Pam sees Dwight and Angela chatting, she begins plotting again.

After improv class, everyone brushes Michael off when he tries to be included in drinks after class.

Back at the party, karaoke is in full swing and Michael crashes the party and joins in karaoke.

The camera then shows us 2 pairs of feet tangled up together in the garden. It's Dwight and Angela.

Triva: Who sang karaoke?

Kevin sings "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, Phyllis sings "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake, and Michael signs "Islands In The Stream", a duet by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Michael originially could not get a girl to sing Dolly's part and had to sing the song himself. Eventually. Jim takes pity and joins in.

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