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Episode - Drug Testing

On his way into work, Dwight finds a partial joint in the parking lot. He puts on his volunteer sheriff's uniform and goes to investigate. He begins by questioning all of his co-workers. (He explains that he has to question Angela to make it not look suspicious. Michael tells him to relax and calls him a narc.

In the breakroom, Pam urges Jim to do his impressions of the other employees. They both did their impression of Stanley at the same time and Pam calls "jinx". Of course this means that Jim can't talk until he buys Pam a coke. The cokes were sold out.

Dwights announces that he has called in drug testers to find the owner of the joint. Michael quickly cancels the order because the night before he inhaled pot smoke at an Alicia Keys concert. He was afraid he would not pass the test.

Anxiously wanting to teach his employees about the dangers of drug use, Michael calls a meeting in the conference room.

When Michael confesses his fears about the drug test to Dwight, Dwight immediately steps up and takes the test for Michael. Feeling guilty about the deceit, Dwight turned in his resignation to the Sheriff's Department. Because of the gesture, Michael dawned Dwight with the title of Security Supervisor of the branch.

Pam broke down and bought a coke for Jim to buy from her so he could start talking again. She told him she couldn't go the whole day without being able to talk to him, especially a day when Dwight was in a cop's uniform.

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