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Episode - Christmas Party

It's Christmas time and Michael & Dwight are struggling to bring in a pine tree that winds up being way to big for the office. Did you expect anything less? Pam is working on the company Christmas cards.

This year the office did "Secret Santa" and Jim drew Pam's name. He explains his gift to the camera. It's a tea pot (the one she wanted), filled with their inside jokes, and a card to express how he feels.

Angela, who is in charge of the planning committee gets more and more stressed with Michael's changes, Phyllis' sad display of lights, and the way Pam puts on the tablecloth.

Michael tells the camera "presents are the best thing you can give someone because you're saying "Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth."

Angela is even more upset when the parse lights that Phyllis brought barely cover the tree and lead to an anticlimatic tree lighting.

Secret Santa is underway with some people happy about their gifts and others not so happy. Michael excitedly awaits for Ryan to open his gift. Michael spent way over the $20 limit and got Ryan a $400 video ipod. Michael tries to explain he just got into the spirit of Christmas but we all know it was to impress Ryan. He's been sniffin' around that kid since day one.

When it's Michael's turn to open his gift, he is very upset to find a hand knitted oven mitt. He storms out and in a huff tells the camera "Phyllis only loves me a ‘hand knitted oven mitt's’ worth". Hilarious!

Still upset, Michael comes back to explain secret santa is now being turned into Yankee swap. (One person chooses a gift. The next person either chooses a gift or steals the first person's gift. If your gift gets stolen you can steal someone else's gift or choose a new gift.)

Of course this change put Angela over the edge.

Meredith is the first up for Yankee Swap. She takes Pam's teapot and Pam takes the ipod and is total engrossed by it. Jim is sad.

After the chaos that is Yankee Swap, Jim gets mad at Michael for making everyone swap gifts and Stanley is mad Michael spent more than $20.

The Christmas party is in full swing and Jim approaches Dwight about buying or trading for the teapot. Dwights says no. When Dwight tells Jim he plans on using it to pour hot green tea up his nose to clear his sinuses, Jim almost can't control himself.

Later, Pam spies Dwight with her teapot and she feels regret. Pam goes to Dwight and trades him the ipod and the teapot. She tells Jim and he tells her to look inside. While she does this, he takes the card he wrote her without her knowing.

Michael has gone and brought back alcohol and many of the employees are doing shots. Kelly kisses Dwight in the breakroom and Angela sees. So mad, she goes into the parking lot and starts destroying Christmas decorations and screaming.

The show ends with Meredith going into Michael's office and taking off her clothes. Michael takes a picture with his camera and walks out of his office leaving Meredith alone.

Trivia: Original Secret Santa Gifts

  • Toby for Angela - poster of babies dressed as adults
  • Oscar for Creed - shamrock keychain
  • Jim for Pam - teapot
  • Kevin for Kevin (he drew himself) - a foot bath
  • Michael for Ryan - video ipod
  • Kelly for Oscar - shower radio
  • Creed for Jim - used ill fitting shirt
  • Phyllis for Michael - hand knitted oven mitt
  • Stanley for Kelly - name badge

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