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Episode - Casino Night

The episode starts out with Jim trying to convince Dwight that he can move objects with his mind. With a little help from Pam he does.

The premise for the episode is that the company has turned the warehouse into a casino and they will gamble for charity.

The day of the casino night, while on the phone with Jan, Michael asks her to come. She declines.

Later in the day, while on the phone with his realtor, Michael asks her to come. She accepts just as Jan calls back to accept Michael's invitation.

We learn Jim has talked to Jan about transferring because "he has no future here".

While watching taped band auditions for the wedding, Pam and Jim notice that Kevin is the drummer for Scrantonocity.

Throughout the day, Dwight tries to hone in on his telekinetic powers. He fails.

At the casino party, Michael goes all in during the first hand of Texas Hold'em and Toby takes him out. Then at another table, Pam takes Jim out with a straight.

Phyllis takes Kevin out with a flush and he's supposed to be semi-pro.

The chip leader for the night was Creed (because he stole everyone else's chips).

Roy leaves casino night and asks Jim to look after Pam. This leaves Pam and Jim alone in the parking lot. Jim takes the opportunity to tell Pam he loves her. Pam does not reciprocate these feelings and Jim walks away.

We learn that although she doesn't admit it, Jan's intention was to hook up with Michael again.

Next we see Pam on the phone talking to her Mom about what Jim said.

Then Jim enters the room and without a word walks up to her and kisses her. She kisses him back.

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