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Episode - Boys and Girls


Today is their "woman in the workplace" thing. Basically, when Jan kicks Michael out of the conference room and brings all the women in the office to discuss "practical business stuff".

Jim and Dwight can hear the women from their desks.

In protest, Michael orders all the men of the office to sit outside the conference room. When Jan gets more pissed, Michael is forced to move their "guys in the workplace" thing to the warehouse.

Kevin whispers to Jim that Roy probably found out about his crush on Pam and will probably try to beat him up. Kevin tells Jim that he has his back, but to try not to get into trouble.

Jan is discussing with the women where they want to be in 5 years. Meredith wants to be sober, Kelly wants 3 kids and a SUV. Phyllis wants a big house with walk-in closets. Jan explains to the camera that part of the goal for these days, is to find out if there is a woman who could move up in the corporate world. So far she is disappointed.

Michael, of course, has no idea what he is doing in the warehouse. So he has his guys unload the delivery truck. Michael himself wants to drive the forklift. While doing so he knocks everything off the shelves.

Back with the women, Pam says she would like to be a graphic artist. Phyllis agrees she is good and Jan says she should attend the Design Training Program in Newark.

Darryl bitches at Michael for turning his warehouse into a circus, and eventually gets an idea to form a union seeing as how the office staff gets paid more for unequal work. Michael tries to discourage the idea but then gets swept up in the frenzy. He takes the idea to Jan. Jan says a union will cause everyone to lose their jobs and she's not going to be the one to tell them that.

Jim is upstairs checking his voicemail and Pam goes up to him. She explains about the design program and although he doesn't want her to leave, he encourages her to pursue it.

Michael empties and styrofoam chips in front of an industrial fan to make it snow and Darryl knows there is nothing he can do but wait for Michael to leave and clean up the mess.

Jan goes down stairs and Michael greets her. Unbelieving that Michael took care of the union forming, Jan takes matters into her own hands and tells the men exactly what would happen if they tried.

Roy is upset with Pam for even thinking about taking the design program. When Jim finds out, he's upset with Pam for not taking chances and letting Roy run her life. Pam knows he's right.

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