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Episode - Booze Cruise

It opens with a classic prank: Jim puts Dwight's office supplies in the vending machine. (Jim knows the vending machine guy.) Dwight, who is broke, has no way to buy his supplies. Jim hands him a baggie full of nickels.

The staff eagerly awaits for Michael to come to work and tell them where they are going this afternoon. You see, Michael sent out a memo stating that the staff should pack for their "first quarter camaraderie event" and to bring a toothbrush, a swimsuit, rubber soled shoes and a ski mask.

Michael eventually confesses that it is a cruise (in January) on Lake Wallenpaupack, and it will be a party, a leadership training exercise, and a mind-blowing experience.

Jim bets the camera that Michael will stand on the front of the boat and yell "I'm king of the world" in the first hour.

While boarding the ship, the captain quickly pulls rank and deflates Michael. Jim wins his bet as Michael does yell, "I'm king of the world".

Jim, Katie, Roy, and Pam are sitting together. Roy and Katie are getting along great and Pam and Jim keep giving each other looks.

Annoyed with Dwight, Captain Jack asks Dwight if he'd like to steer the ship. Dwight is excited. Captain Jack shows Dwight to the front of the boat where there is a fake wheel. Dwight is pleased.

Katie and Darryl cheer on Roy as he does his snorkel shot. Pam, not impressed, refuses to do one and asks Roy to go somewhere quieter. Roy, drunk, doesn't budge. He needs to see Darryl do his snorkle shot. So Pam and Jim leave together to go to the deck.

On the deck, Pam confesses that she just doesn't get Roy. Jim looks around to make sure they are alone and then he and Pam make eye contact. They stare at each other for several seconds until Pam breaks it to tease Jim about Katie. Clearly, Jim doesn't want to lose this moment and continues to stare into her eyes. He wants to say something. Pam, sensing this may be the case, says she's cold and goes inside. Jim is disappointed.

In talking to Captain Jack, Roy seems to have a moment of drunken clarity and takes the microphone and declares a wedding date. Pam is thrilled.

While outside, watching everyone slow dance, Katie askes Jim if he thinks they'll ever get married. Jim very quickly answers no and Katie is upset. Jim breaks up with her.

Meredith and Captain Jack go at it, sexually, pretty good in the steering room. However, Michael with his business / ship metaphors, scares the non-employee passangers on the ship and they start jumping overboard. This interrupts Captain Jack and Meredith so he puts Michael in the brig.

On the deck, Jim, heartbroken, confesses his feelings for Pam to Michael. Michael does what he has tried to do all night. He motivates Jim to not give up. Engaged ain't married.

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