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Episode - The Dundies

It's time for the 2005 Dundie Awards. The employees hate it but it gives Michael a chance to emcee the event and promote morale amoung the troops. Pam is asked to compile highlights of past Dundie Awards.

Dwight learns of a rumor that there is demeaning graffiti mentioning Michael on the wall in the women's bathroom. He goes to investigate without luck.

Meanwhile, Michael has been expecting that Corporate will pick up the tab for the Dundies event. However, Jan let's Michael know that he will be picking up the bill. Michael is stressed.

While Pam contemplates her relationship with Roy, Michael asks Jim if it would be funny to award Pam "the longest engagement award for the 3rd year in a row". Jim discourages this by telling Michael it looks lazy. Michael is further stressed.

As if the episode wasn't funny enough, Dwight eventually sneaks into the women's restroom and gets a look at the writing on the wall. He then comes out and announces to the office that "the women should lose their right to have a toilet for abuse of the privilege.

So on the Dundie Awards...Michael opens the show with his version on OPP by Naughty by Nature which is DJ'd by Dwight. The awards barely get started when Roy decides he doesn't want to stay. This causes him and Pam to fight. He leaves and she sits with will Jim sucking down cocktails.

Pam, who now is very drunk, gets a sour look on her face thinking she is about to get her "longest engagement" award, however, Michael comes through and awards her the "whitest tennis shoes award". So excited about the award Pam gives a brief acceptance speech. When she goes back to her table, she gives Jim a big hug and kisses him on the lips. (Their first kiss).

Jim is over joyed and declares it The Best Dundies Ever. Pam, because she's plasterd, falls out of her chair while Jim is speaking to the camera. Dwight tries to give her CPR.

The Chili's manager is very upset with how wasted Pam is and she is no longer welcome in any Chili's again. Harsh!

The 2006 Dundie Awards

  • Ryan - Hottest in the office
  • Angela - The Tightass Award
  • Kelly - The Spicy Curry Award
  • Stanley - The Fine Work Award
  • Kevin - The don't go in there after me - "For that time I went into the toilet after you and it really smelled"

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