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Episode - The Alliance

Concerned about the downsizing rumors, Dwight stalks Michael outside of the bathroom. When a straight answer can't be given, Dwight moves the water cooler next to his desk so he can here any and all rumors.

To bring up morale, Michael decides to throw a birthday party for Meredith. She had the closest birthday. Michael tells the women of the office to plan it.

Meanwhile, Dwight tries to recruit Jim to form an alliance against the downsizing. Jim agrees, but in reality he will use this as a way to play another prank on Dwight.

Michael gets a card with a picture of a bird on it that says "Happy Bird-Day". He plans on writing the funniest thing ever for Meredith. It will also help with morale.

To manipulate Dwight and arouse his suspicions, Jim tells him that Toby and Kevin were conspiring in the breakroom. Dwight takes the bait and thinks they are an alliance. Jim tells him that everyone in the office is a part of an alliance.

To further mess with his head, (he did take the big client from behind Jim's back), Jim tells Dwight that there will be an "alliance meeting" in the warehouse while Meredith's party is happening upstairs. So Jim gets Dwight to hide in a box and wait for the meeting. Jim goes to the party.

Meredith is very surprised about the party, but is pissy because everyone is enjoying the cake except for her, she's allergic.

The party breaks up as Michael tries to lighten the mood by telling jokes.

Dwight, who is afraid of small spaces, can't stand it anymore and jumps out of the box to "scare" some of the warehouse staff.

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