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Episode - Hot Girl

Michael is on the phone with Jan and she tells him the she and Allen have created an incentive program. Basically, at the end of the month, Michael can reward the top seller with a prize worth up to $1,000.

Pam enters Michael's office and tells him that there is a person here that wants to sell handbags. Before she can get the words out of her mouth, Michael says no. He orders Pam to get rid of the vendor. Then he sees her, Katie.

Michael goes out to greet Katie and allows her to sell her bags in the office. While she's getting set up, Michael continues to try to impress her. It's not really working.

Michael takes Katie around to introduce her to the staff. Dwight is smitten. She meets all of his criteria.

Katie starts to hit it off with Toby. Michael gets jealous and starts telling Katie that Toby is divorced and once slept in his card.

In the breakroom, Roy tells Jim he "should hit that" referring to Katie. Jim explains that she isn't really his type. Roy states that if he weren't dating Pam, he would go fot it. Pam, in disgust, walks out of the room.

Seeing the interest in Dwight's eye, Jim encourages his to go after Katie, explaining that they would be perfect together. Dwight tells Jim that he could tell Katie about the origins of his last name. Jim loves the idea. Jim also says that Dwight should just keep talking and if he hits a low point, he should buy a purse. Purses aren't just for women ya know.

With Jim's advise, Dwight goes an buys himself a purse.

Michael goes out and buys a $1,000 coffee machine and once again tried to impress Katie. Although not impressed, she learns that her ride has cancelled on her and she no longer has a ride. She's apprehensive, but with no other offers, takes Michael up on his.

Dwight tells Michael that he wants to take out Katie. When he tells Dwight that he is taking her home, Dwight is jealous. Michael makes no bones about the fact that it could be more. Dwight is clearly upset.

While Pam is talking to Jim at his desk, Roy comes in. He notices that she is still upset about his earlier comment. He starts grabbing her and talking cute to her and before long they make up. Jim is trying so hard not to hear what is going on right in back of him. The experience is upsetting.

Dwight asks Katie out and she rejects him quick. He's crushed.

With no hope with Pam, Jim decides, what the hell and asks Katie out himself. She accepts. Pam is a little thrown by the news.

On the way out, Michael learns that Jim and Katie are going for drinks and hse no longer needs a ride from him. Michael is disappointed but puts on a happy face.

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