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Episode - Health Care

Today Michael is in charge of picking a health care plan for his staff. This is a job he is looking forward to because picking the best plan will make him beloved by the employees.

Jan comes in to find out what plan Michael has chosen. When she hears what he has picked, the most expensive plan, she tells him he must go back, find a provider and pick the cheapest plan. Michael hates this because he knows the staff will hate him. It's a suicide mission. So he decides to shrug of the responsibility and make Dwight do it.

Dwight takes this opportunity to set up in the conference room and finally have "an office". However, Michael insists he call it a "temporary workspace".

After working on his project, Dwight comes out of the conference room passing out his memo on the new health care plan. He's pleaseed with himself. He has cut benefits to the bone and saved the company money.

The employees are not happy and gang up on Michael to find out answers. Could Dwight really do this? Michael, acting shocked, tells Dwight to go back and try again. To further smooth things over, Michael promises the employees a surprise at the end of the day. He has no idea what that will be.

Dwight tells everyone to fill out a paper with all their medical conditions because only those will be covered.

Jim and Pam takes this opportunity to make up a bunch of conditions and list them on their annonymous paper.

Michael leaves the office and drives around town trying to find a surprise. Fist he goes to a travel agency and tries to get a free trip to Atlantic, meals, chips...all comped. Later in the day, he calls a mine where people can ride the service elevator down to the bottom of the mine shaft. Michael is disappointed because it's a 300 ft drop real slow instead of like an amusement ride.

Dwight is very upset after reading the deseases. He knows they are made up. He comes storming out of his workspace and says he now must interview everyone to get to the bottom of this. What's funny is the ones Dwight thinks are fake are actually the real conditions.

Dwights starts with Jim. Half way through the interview, Jim gets up, takes Dwight's keys off his desk and locks him in the conference room.

When Jim won't let him out, Dwight calls Jan and demands he be able to fire Jim. She doesn't let him and says that he has called her cell phone and to never do that again. He is still in the conference room.

Finally free, Dwight demands everyone into the conference room. They will say out loud what deseases they have and want covered. Dwight is done with confidentiality.

At the end of the day, Michael brings back ice cream sandwiches and has to all but admit there is no big surprise.

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