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Episode - Diversity Day

Corporate has declared the day "Diversity Day". All the employees must attend a seminar on diversity sensitivity.

While Jim is trying to make sales calls, Dwight is shredding paper at his desk. The noise it too much for Jim, so he kills the power to the shredder. Dwight then pushes the button on Jim's phone thus hanging up on the client. Dwight claims it's Tit-For-Tit.

The phone call Jim was making was to his biggest client. Once a year, Jim calls, makes a big sale and it ends up being 25% of his yearly commission.

Once again, Jim tries to call the client to renew the account. This time he is interrupted by diversity training.

The diversity trainer, Mr. Brown, is trying to conduct the meeting but Michael keeps butting in. Michael decides that the group should go around and say what race each person is attracted to sexually. But after Dwight answers the question, the trainer takes back control.

Mr. Brown has each person write down an incident that they felt was offensive in the work place. And then they will be acted out.

It turns out everyone wrote down the same incident. This particular incident is also what prompted Diversity Day. The offensive incident is Michael's impersonation of Chris Rock's stand-up comedy routine. Michael is upset by the revelation.

In the reinactment, Michael is "guy listening" and Kevin is "Chris Rock".

Mr. Brown finished his training and must have every sign a paper stating that they learned something. Michael protets because he knew all the stuff already. Mr. Brown tells him that he is the reason for the training and can't leave until Michael signs the paper. After more protesting, Mr. Brown explains to Michael that it is his signature alone that Mr. Brown needs. Mr. Brown only made copies for everyone to not embarrass Michael. Corporate is demanding Michael sign the paper.

Michael signs the paper Daffy Duck.

Jim leaves a message for the client in hopes to get that commission. A little while later, he tries again with no luck.

Michael calls for another diversity training...his way.

Jim hears his phone ringing and jumps up to answer it, but when he gets there no one is on the line.

Michael's training begins by everyone taking a piece of paper and putting it on their forehead. Each paper has a different nationality on it. The staff is to treat each other like the race that is on their forehead. No one knows what their race is. Michael requests that they really "play it up".

Pam is Jewish. Kevin is Italian. Angela is Jamaican. Stanley is black. Michael is Martin Luther King Jr. Dwight is Asian. Meredith is Brazil.

Mostly people are just treating eachother with respect. Dwight however, is pressuring people to be stereotypical with him so he can guess his race. Michael is also pressuring people to be more stereotypical and even get ugly, down to the heart of it.

Kelly walks in after having been in another meeting. Michael trying to show people what he means by really getting into it, addresses Kelly in a totally racist way. She slaps him across the face, not realizing what was going on due to her late entry.

Michael declares their training a success.

Jim finally gets a hold of the client and learns that while in training, Dwight closed the deal and will be getting the big commission. Jim puts his celebratory bottle of wine on Dwight's desk.

Michael is wrapping up training as Jim re-enters the meeting and sits next to Pam. Pam falls asleep on his shoulder. Jim smiles. His day just got better.

It's after 5 and everyone is leaving the conference room and going home. Pam is still asleep on Jim's shoulder. He doesn't move. Instead he wakes her gentley and Jim tells the camera it was not a bad day, with a big grin on him face.

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