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Episode - Basketball

Michael has set up a game between the office staff and the warehouse staff that will take place at lunchtime. During his initial interview, Michael tells us all about the skills he possesses at basketball.

Dwight is trying to convince Michael to let him play in the game. Michael is not having it because Dwight's past performances in sports as been poor. Instead, Michael decides to let him be in charge of the holiday and weekend work calendar. Of course Dwight jumps at the opportunity to be in control of something.

Really what has happend is that Corporate told Michael that someone had to be at the office on Saturday. He knows that none of the employees are going to want to do it. Rather than be the bad guy, Michael lets Dwight do it.

Michael takes Ryan down to show him the warehouse and introduce him to the guys. While in the warehouse, Michael confirms the basketball time for 1pm. Darryl tells him that will no longer work because they have a truck going out at 1:15. Michael thinks this is a ploy to get out of the game so he begins taunting them. The guys agree to have the game at 1pm.

Michael picks his starting line up: Jim, Ryan, Stanley, and him self. Phyllis wants to play because she played in school, but Michael ignores her. Oscar said he'd do it, but Michael will use those talents when they play baseball. Kevin has a hoop in his yard and would play, but Michael says no. And in case you missed it, the only reason Stanley made the team is because he is black. Michael is picking his line up based on stereotypes. Feeling he is out of options, Michael makes Dwight the fifth player.

After the team is picked, the camera pans around the room and we see that Kevin and Oscar are putting good at dunking baskets and Stanley couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Darryl comes into the office to get a tea bag and Michael takes this opportunity to taunt him some more. So Darryl decides to place a wager on the game...who ever loses by dinner at Farley's. Michael is intrigued and counter offers with...loser works on Saturday. Bet accepted.

Jim tells the camera that he played basketball in school and is pretty good. He's looking forward to impressing "a few people" around here. In the warehouse Michael is warming up...he has less skill than Stanley.

The game starts and immediately Michael passes the ball to Stanley. When he sees Stanley poor ability to dribble Michael gets very upset. "You got to be kidding me!", he yells.

Although the office staff seems to be losing to the warehouse guys, Jim still gets an opportunity to show off some pretty killer basketball moves. Pam cheers for him and he has impressed her.

The game continues and Michael is just about the worst player in history and it is hilarious to watch. When Roy takes the ball away from Michael, Jim volunteers to cover Roy. The competition between Roy and Jim gets more intense as the game goes on. And strangely enough the office staff takes the lead.

Michael calls a personal foul when he accidentally gets hit in the face. Knowing he's team is ahead, he says he's calling the game due to his injury and whoever is ahead wins. And because that is the office, the warehouse is working on Saturday.

The warehouse staff gets in Michael's face and tells him that they are not coming in. Michael, who is backing up, is clearly intimidated and says that the office staff is working on Saturday.

After the players get cleaned up the morale in the office is shot and the staff looks at Michael with hatered. Michael then decides that no one is coming in on Satuday.

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